I, Detective

I, Detective

About the show

Don't just watch the case being solved...solve it yourself! Answer the same questions that forensic specialists ask while solving a crime and compare your answers with those from real investigators. Are you smarter than they are? 


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Dec 11th

Only Witness

Police cruising the streets of downtown Pittsburgh receive an emergency call. A man's been shot on the street. Officers race to the scene to find Neil Rosenblum lying on the curb. He's dressed in Hassidic garb. And he's still alive. An officer asks who shot him, and why. Neil describes a dark Corvette that slowed down while passing him on the street. Shots rang out from the passenger side. But Neil can't -- or won't -- identify the killer. Moments later, he dies. Neil was a Rabbinical student from Toronto, married with a baby daughter. He was in town visiting family, and was shot while walking to evening prayers. He wasn't robbed. It appears there's nothing to be gained from this crime. Or is there?
Dec 12th

Poisonous Business

A heiress frantically calls 911, someone has broken into her home. Soon after, she finds her millionaire husband lying dead on the floor. With several suspects and no leads, detectives are stumped. But when they learn that she had another lover, they know they need to take a closer look at this too-merry widow.
Dec 13th

Stranger on Campus

Two college students are shot dead in their apartment. Detectives soon learn that one of the college coeds was being stalked but the stalker has disappeared. Then a series of burglaries at off campus apartments turn the investigation around.
Dec 14th

Family Ties

When two construction workers are found dead in their motel room, police suspect a mob hit. But when investigators discover one of the widows isn’t exactly in mourning, a new cast of suspects emerges.
Dec 15th

The Ties that Bind

A hotel manager grows concerned when one of her housekeepers doesn't return from her rounds. The young woman is soon found lying on the floor in one of the guest rooms. Police find no motivation for the murder. The case goes cold until detectives are able to tie in other deaths at area hotels.
Dec 17th

Cycle of Intrigue

An ex-israeli military commando is gunned down at a suburban gas station in broad daylight. Witnesses tell police that a man riding a motocycle pulled up beside him while the victim was pumping gas and shot him dead. At first, investigators suspect road rage, but soon learn his past was quite secret but his love life was not.
Dec 17th

Shattered Dreams

A young soap opera actress is found shot in her family's home. Was she a random victim or the target of some one she trusted?
Dec 18th


A husband returns to find his wife murdered in their suburban home. Can a website featuring an instruction manual for hitmen lead detectives to the killer?
Dec 19th

Broken Vows

When a young mother is found dead in her home, detectives must investigate her two heartbroken ex-husbands. Both men have a motive, but only one of them resorted to murder.
Dec 20th

Wrong Turn

Heiress Susan Moyer dies instantly when her car swerves off a cliff – but police believe this was no accident. A conspiracy is unearthed that leads back to the one person who had the most to gain from her death.