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Sep 30th

Out of Control

Two sisters believe that their dad is an all-american hero and highly respected arson investigator. Their dreams are crushed when they discover that he is in fact one of the worst serial arsonists of all times.
Oct 7th

Buried Secrets

A young girl is forced to assist her mother in a terrible crime and then bury the secret for twenty years. Judy gough, a vivacious hairdresser, shot and killed her husband in cold blood, and then forced her daughter to help her cover her tracks. The secret almost destroys kim wohlert until the day she decides to bring her mother to justice.
Oct 14th

Twisted Faith

The wife and daughter of a successful senior manager disappear from their home on a dark winterõs night. As family and friends wait anxiously for news of their return, police suspicion hones in on michael blagg, a respected christian who is hiding twisted secrets.
Oct 21st

The Cleveland Strangler

As women disappear off the streets of east cleveland without a trace, lori frazier has no idea that her charming boyfriend is living a treacherous double life. Her life is at risk until the day she seeks recovery, but eleven other vulnerable women are not so lucky and become victims of the cleveland strangler.