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Real stories about the brilliant but deceptive masterminds behind amazing deceptions and seemingly impossible capers. Shot in some of the most exotic locations around the world, Masterminds focuses on the deceivers and their ambitious plots.


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Aug 14th

Money Maker

University-educated wesley weber ran the most successful counterfeiting operation in canada—while still in his early twenties. He produced foolproof counterfeits using his home computer, and pumped over 20 million dollars’ worth of fakes into the economy. Police got on the trail and tracked him around the country. Thanks to him, most stores in canada refuse to accept $100 bills to this day.
Aug 15th

Great Escape, The

In 2000, Jeffrey Manchester began serving a 45 year sentence in a triple-maximum security prison in North Carolina for burglarizing more than 60 fast food restaurants. Though no one had ever escaped from this prison before, Manchester secured his freedom and evaded capture by hiding out in a local Toys R Us. For weeks, Manchester lived in the walls of the store before moving over to Circuit City where he built himself a completely functioning and hidden apartment (he even had plumbing and electricity). Before long, Manchester infiltrates the local community and charms everyone with his new persona as a toy salesman, selling video games and DVDs stolen from Toys R Us. But Manchester’s luck runs out when a robbery goes awry and investigators finally discover his secret hideout.
Aug 16th

Highway Robber, The

In 2002, David Brankle began a robbery spree that netted him millions. Hitting bank branches located in supermarkets, this smooth talking Cassanova pulled nearly fifty jobs in six states while driving a stolen $80,000 BMW. Charm was his weapon of choice-- he even seduced his stripper mistress into becoming his accomplice on several jobs. He was pursued by dozens of police agencies, but his double life as a suburban family man in Vincennes, Indiana kept him off the authorities’ radar for years.
Aug 17th

Off the Rack

In the 1980s, Peter Cassese was known as a successful New York clothing wholesaler. In reality, the store he owned was a front for one of the most brilliant burglary rings in American history an enterprise that boosted tens of millions of dollars worth of garments from high-end fashion designers without them even realizing they’d been hit. His intricate operation, mob connections, and the cops on his payroll helped him elude detection for ten years.
Aug 20th

The Copycat Millions

Starting in 1990, new york art dealer ely sakhai created an ingenious and audacious system to sell multiple forged copies of paintings by such greats as chagall, renoir, modigliani, monet, rembrandt and others. After unloading his forgeries on the unsuspecting asian market for hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop, he then turned around and sold the original paintings to the savvy dealers in new york. Sakhai kept his operation invisible for a staggering fourteen years, and made himself over 10 million dollars in the process.
Aug 21st

The Museum Heist

For ten years, master thief james p. Quinn was part of a crew that stole over ten million dollars in cash and gems from homes and businesses, but it wasn’t enough for this ambitious mastermind. In july of 1994, he planned and executed an extraordinary hit on the headley-whitney museum in lexington, kentucky, made off with over 1.6 million dollars in jewelry, and left police nothing to go on.
Aug 22nd

Mission Impossible Burglar

During the 90’s, la native steven krueger broke into dozens of high end electronics stores and boosted millions of dollars worth of modems, laptops, and video cameras that he fenced for big money.
Aug 23rd

The Transylvania Job

On december 17th, 2004, in lexington kentucky, thieves pulled off an amazing robbery in the university of transylvania’s rare book collection. Over five million dollars worth of sketches and books, including a copy of darwin’s origin of the species, were forcibly removed from a highly secure room. Police suspected a sophisticated organization, but the mastermind of this brilliant and elaborate caper was twenty-something college student warren lipka, who pulled it off with his three buddies.
Aug 24th

Dinner Set Gang, The

Peter Salerno stole millions out of the bedrooms of the rich and famous often while they were at home. Salerno fashioned his own tools to break into windows and doors. He also carefully planned his escapes using blueprints of the mansions to plot his routes. His largest heist was the night he relieved an heir of the DuPont fortune of over a million dollars in gems and cash and he did it while the family was downstairs eating dinner! Salerno evaded capture for nearly twenty-five years before slipping up late in his career at a burglary in Connecticut.
Aug 27th

The Riviera Job

In 1976, the societe generale was the bank of choice for high society on the french riviera. It contained more gold, money and gems than the top ten banks in paris. Buried deep underground and with four foot thick walls of reinforced concrete, even the most daring of criminals knew it was impregnable. That was until albert spaggiari came to town and pulled off europe's greatest bank heist.