Killing Spree

Killing Spree

About the show

Definitive accounts of crimes that are as twisted as they are complex from the unraveling of two psychopathic students at Columbine High School to the uncontrollable rage of a scorned employee. The compelling new series brings to life the true stories behind the chaos. 


Upcoming episodes

Mar 1st

Northumbria Rampage

The summer of 2010 saw the biggest manhunt in modern british history. The nationõs media was thrown in to a widespread frenzy as police attempted to track down just one man, raoul moat. As the hunt progressed, the elusive gunman left a terrifying trail that would ultimately shatter the tranquillity of the beautiful northumbrian countryside.
Mar 4th

Miami Murders

No one would expect anything but the best from good-looking and suave andrew cunanan, a glittering social butterfly with a wide circle of friends. But little did everyone know what lurked under the surfaceé
Mar 8th

Horror at the Mall

On january 8th 2011, an assassination attempt was made on congresswoman gabrielle giffords in tucson, arizona. This cold-blooded killing spree lasted just 17 seconds but would claim the lives of 6 and seriously injure 13. It was committed by 22 -year old local resident, jared lee loughner.
Mar 11th

Columbine Massacre

April 20th 1999 started off like any other for the pupils of columbine high school. However, this fateful morning would ultimately end in tragedy on a day that would be indelibly marked within american history. Two of the schoolõs students embarked on a killing spree that would shake the local community to its core, pushing the emergency services to the limit and creating 24 hour rolling news coverage on an international scale.
Mar 15th

The Hungerford Masacre

On the 19th august 1987 britain was struck by a horrific killing spree at the hands of just one man, 27 year old michael ryan. The berkshire resident turned his gun on his family and his neighbourhood in an attack so brutal that it would make the name of hungerford synonymous with tragedy.
Mar 18th

Soho Mail Bomber

In april 1999 london was subjected to a two week campaign of terror at the hands of a lone bomber. 22 year old david copeland targeted minority communities of the capital as he carried out his ruthless killing spree.