Killing Spree

Killing Spree

About the show

Definitive accounts of crimes that are as twisted as they are complex from the unraveling of two psychopathic students at Columbine High School to the uncontrollable rage of a scorned employee. The compelling new series brings to life the true stories behind the chaos. 


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Jun 3rd

Columbine Massacre

April 20th 1999 started off like any other for the pupils of columbine high school. However, this fateful morning would ultimately end in tragedy on a day that would be indelibly marked within american history. Two of the schoolõs students embarked on a killing spree that would shake the local community to its core, pushing the emergency services to the limit and creating 24 hour rolling news coverage on an international scale.
Jun 10th

Soho Mail Bomber

In april 1999 london was subjected to a two week campaign of terror at the hands of a lone bomber. 22 year old david copeland targeted minority communities of the capital as he carried out his ruthless killing spree.
Jun 17th

Revenge Cop Killer

In 2013 california was gripped by a killing spree that grabbed headlines around the world. Ex lapd cop christopher dorner targeted his ex-employers as he embarked on a vigilante mission for vengeance.
Jun 24th

The Family Slayer

In 1982 wilkes barre, pennslyvania was rocked by a shocking killing spree. In a matter of hours, 40 year old ex-prison guard george emil banks brutally murdered 13, many of whom were his own flesh and blood.
Jul 1st

Terror in Paradise

On the 22nd july 2011, norway would be struck by an unprecedented double attack. The brainchild of one just man, anders behring breivik had spent years meticulously planning for his killer spree. Diagnosed at a young age as having psychological problems, the strain of his troubled family life would begin to show as he reached adulthood. The formerly well-regarded breivik would retreat from all social life, and retreat into the world of online gaming and extreme politics.