Murder by the Book

Murder by the Book

About the show

America’s top mystery fiction writers recount their memories, speculations, and personal connections to the true-life mysteries and headline-making crimes that haunt their dreams at night. Using documentary footage, first-person accounts and the author's own insights, each one-hour episode sheds new light on a particularly intriguing crime. Alarming new facts with suspenseful storytelling build to shocking conclusions. 


Upcoming episodes

Dec 11th

Lee Child

Lee Child - When 44-year-old husband and father Jeff Zack is gunned down at a gas station by a mysterious masked man on a motorcycle, police are initially baffled. But this seemingly perfect family man has a secret to hide. Police soon uncover a troubled love triangle, a custody battle over an illegitimate child, and a possible murder-for-hire plot involving one of Akron’s most powerful families.
Dec 18th

Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner - 25-year-old Portland, ME resident Amy St. Laurent disappears. What follows is a vast, multi-jurisdictional effort, with unprecedented collaboration between law enforcement agencies. Over the course of their tireless efforts, investigators are led through multiple suspects, conflicting stories and cover-ups, and eventually, to a dangerous sexual predator who’s been hiding in plain sight.
Dec 25th

Lisa Scottoline 2

Lisa Scottoline 2 – When Karyn Hearn Slover’s car is found abandoned near her Decatur, Illinois workplace, nobody expects the tragedy that is to follow. When her dismembered corpse is found in a nearby Lake, investigators must find a motive for murder. In a case with few leads, it is the hard work of forensic scientists from across the continent that catches the killers. That forensic evidence leads back to the family of Karyn’s ex-husband – vengeful, domineering grandparents who will stop at nothing to keep Karyn’s son for their own.
Jan 1st

Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown - Housewife and church-member Betty Gore is found murdered in her own home. She has been axed to death 41 times. Wylie Police Department’s investigation tracks down Betty’s friend Candace Montgomery. On trial for murder, Candace admits to killing Betty and claims self-defense. In one of the most shocking verdicts delivered by a Texas jury, Candace is cleared of murder.
Jan 8th

Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben – Mark Winger, a husband and father, catches a man in the act of bludgeoning his wife to death. Winger shoots and kills the man, and the ensuing investigation reveals the intruder was a psychotic cab driver, against whom the wife had filed a complaint after a harrowing drive with him a few days earlier. Police find that Winger had acted justifiably in the shooting. A few years later, Mark Winger files a civil suit against the cab company. Amazingly, this suit propels an aggressive and comprehensive investigation which results in his own arrest for the double murder.