The Investigators

The Investigators

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This documentary series unravels the complex nature of justice - how it is denied and how it is achieved. Created by a team of award-winning producers, each show presents a compelling true story about America and law enforcement.


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Jan 24th

Decoy Squad

Everyday, men and women police officers go undercover to make our cities safer. They pose as drug dealers, muggers, tourists and wealthy businessmen to capture scheming criminals. This episode of The Investigators goes undercover and behind the scenes with decoy cops to see how they prepare both physically and mentally for their undercover roles and learn how their special brand of teamwork makes their unit unlike any in law enforcement.
Jan 25th

Trail of Deceit

When the body of a missing Sacramento lawyer is found in a vineyard, a nationwide hunt for his wife ensues. This episode of “The System” tells the story of Elisa McNabney an attractive and beguiling woman who had a string of aliases and life of crime in her past. After a two-month search and a federal warrant for her arrest, the police discovered her true identity and finally cornered her on a beach in Florida. She gives investigators a detailed account of her husband’s murder identifying her accomplice as her 22 year old lover, Sarah Dutra.
Jan 28th

New Profilers, The

Long known for their work on serial murder cases, profilers are now being used to solve a variety of other crimes. They profile stalkers, pedophiles, terrorists, serial rapists, and help to track down missing persons in instances like the well-known Chandra Levy case. The Investigators takes you inside the world of the criminal profilers to see how these skilled professionals discover details about both perpetrators and victims who are not available for questioning. We will talk to the detectives assigned to the cases, go to the locations of the crimes and literally see what the profilers see. Finally, we’ll witness how the profilers’ collaboration with local law enforcement allows them to piece together evidence about the perpetrator and victim that wouldn’t have been possible though traditional methods.
Jan 29th


Southern California physicians Kenneth and Carolyn Stahl bodies are found on a desolate stretch of desert highway. A number of possible suspects in the high pressure investigation are pursued, at one point even a double suicide theory is advanced by police. For months the police investigation goes nowhere until homicide investigators uncover new phone records that reveal that life on easy street was a living hell for a devoted wife. Dr. Carolyn Stahl’s husband Doctor Kenneth Stahl, was having an affair with his young medical secretary Adriane Vasco. When detectives repeatedly grill Vasco she finally makes a startling confession. She and her lover plotted together to hire a hit man to assassinate Dr. Carolyn Stahl on her birthday, never imagining that Doctor Kenneth Stahl would end up dead alongside his doting wife.
Jan 30th

Trouble in Paradise

Child prodigy turns into a mass murderer. Did he go insane or is his defense a Machiavellian deception by a man with a degree in psychology who had experience working in mental facilities? Jeffrey Wallace claims insanity after going on a shooting spree in a tourist filled bar in Key West. The prosecution says Wallace has a background in psychology and is faking. Wallace killed a beloved bartender who was his boss when he was working there. Lots of moving testimony from living victims and Wallace is keen to talk about his personal demons. Death Penalty case.
Jan 31st

Murder in the Quarter

A young drifter is reported dead in New Orleans’ French Quarter but police can’t find a body or any evidence of murder. Without an identity, investigators go on their only clue. The victim is part of a group who’s obsessed with the 70's cult film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” where members are called weekly to re-enact the dark vampire comedy. Although Cast members usually run more to acting out rather than to violence, it now seems things have changed.
Feb 1st

Devils Courthouse, The

A woman's car plunges off a steep cliff in a remote section of North Carolina. When state troopers rush to the scene, they find clues that reveal that the woman died before the crash and that she was trying to defend herself. Her grieving husband hires a private eye who discovers that the couple's neighbors may be involved. When the neighbors' boat mysteriously goes up in flames and disappears in murky water, things become crystal clear to the private eye and the twisted tale comes full circle.
Feb 4th

Wrong Man? Lost in the Woods, The

When the body of 12-year-old Sarah Cherry is found in the woods of Northern Maine, local man Dennis Dechaine is convicted of the murder and sentenced to life plus forty years in jail. He had been found near the crime scene late at night and claimed that he lost his truck. But Dechaine is widely known as a pacifist - he couldn’t even kill the chickens on his own farm. Sixteen years later, Dechaine now has a new defense team and new evidence which he says proves his innocence.
Feb 5th

Wrong Man? Mistaken Identity, The

Fernando Bermudez was 22 years old when he was convicted of shooting a man to death outside of a Manhattan nightclub in 1991. He was sentenced to 23 years to life in prison for the crime of second-degree homicide. Jerry Palace and Reggie Britt investigate the events leading up to the shooting and the questionable testimony of two witnesses in the case. Was Bermudez set up? Who was the shooter if Bermudez was not involved? Is Fernando Bermudez the “Wrong Man?”
Feb 6th

Broken Honor

In an idyllic Maine coastal town best known for lobster trapping and small town gossip, a bullet ends Officer Sonny Grotton's life as he returns from a week at sea to visit his family. Only the elite team of NCIS investigators can follow the trail of clues through an undercover drug sting, to a local con man and a personal vendetta that the victim never saw coming.