Forensic Factor

Forensic Factor

About the show

Based on true crimes solved by an elite team of investigators, Forensic Factor details the trade secrets used by the world's best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with re-enactments of crucial incidents and firsthand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.


Upcoming episodes

May 23rd

The Profilers

Serial killers are often twisted geniuses; so cunning that catching them seems almost impossible. But from jack the ripper to those who terrify us today, their bizarre behaviour is as specific as a signature. Sophisticated crime fighters map the psychological and physical terrain of multiple murderers.
May 24th

Lasting Impressions

From the tips of their ears to the soles of their feet - criminals are betrayed by the clues their own bodies leave behind. A killer’s ear against a wall, his hand on a door, the path that he walks – even the slightest impressions left at the scene help crime fighters find their man.
May 25th

Future Crime

Can the sound of a suspect’s voice reveal his lie? Can the crucial moment of crime, buried deep in damaged video, be revealed? Can computers isolate a guilty face in a crowd? No longer science fiction, these are the high-tech tools of the forensics trade.
May 29th

The Cover Up

Fire, water, earth – killers call on all the elements in their attempt to cover up their crimes. But even a body burned to ashes, sunk deep into the sea or reduced to fragments will still tell its forensic tale.
May 30th

Beauty Queen

Karyn slover is a pretty small town dreamer who’s finally got her big break: She’s been offered work as a model by an agency in los angeles. Now she can move away with her three-year old son, kolten, leaving her ex-husband, friends, and current boyfriend behind. She leaves her desk at the local newspaper at 5 pm, and is never heard from again.
May 31st

A Deadly Affair

Caretaker larry mallory notices something unusual while on his way to work. Lying in the middle of the highway is a leg from a department store dummy. When he gets closer, mallory sees two crows feeding on it. The leg is not plastic, it is flesh, and it has been severed from a female human body with surgical precision. The discovery of four more body parts in the area touch off a murder manhunt that involves seven police forces in four countries
Jun 1st

Bloody Valentine

The cry for help comes from oklahoma city’s most exclusive neighborhood. “My wife’s bleeding all over the place,” dr. John baxter hamilton tells the 911 operator. “I don’t know, she looks like somebody hurt her.” It’s valentine’s morning and socialite susan hamilton lies nude, smashed in a pool of blood. The science suggests a crime of both heated rage and cold calculation, a killer with the intelligence to cover his trail and the composure to mask his guilt.
Jun 4th

No Body, No Crime

Millionaire frank black boards a commercial flight and disappears into thin air. The workaholic, busing magnate is never seen or heard from again. Authorities believe alan mackerley, blacks’ former business associate is the man behind the murder. But black’s body and the murder weapon are never recovered. At trial the defense raises doubts that black is even dead at all!! With no body and no murder weapon they argue the case is highly circumstantial.
Jun 5th

Forensics on Trial

A six-year old girl, andrea atkinson, is found dead in the boiler room of her toronto tenement. Forensic investigators quickly determine she has been raped and smothered. There are no witnesses. Quick-thinking cops experiment with the sound in the boiler room by yelling with the door closed. Outside, total silence. Whoever killed andrea knew no one would hear him.
Jun 6th

Killing Spree

In three days of savagery the picturesque town gainesville florida is sent reeling with shock. Five university students are brutally attacked and killed.