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Forensic Factor

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Based on true crimes solved by an elite team of investigators, Forensic Factor details the trade secrets used by the world's best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with re-enactments of crucial incidents and firsthand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.


Upcoming episodes

Feb 23rd

Colchester Rapist

A reign of terror that spans more than eighteen years. A serial rapist who stalks and preys on elderly women living in isolated southern ontario. With the victim count pushing ten, the attacker’s thirst for violence suddenly escalates to murder. Who is this monster that continues to elude colchester police? Only a revolution in forensic science can strike fear into the heart of this predator.
Feb 26th

Atomic Dog

A self-appointed angel of death on a mission beyond the law. A sniper who targets abortion doctors and then disappears into the shadowy underground that supports and protects him. But when the sniper’s mission moves to murder, a city is thrown into blind panic that spreads across the country and beyond. Armed with the very latest in forensic technology, this is one game the cops have no intention of losing.
Feb 27th

The Eclectic Murders

When the police in farmington, new mexico discover a broken window at a local head shop called the eclectic, they expect to find evidence of a robbery. Instead they uncover a horrific crime scene, with two badly mutilated bodies. One year later, a battered body is found tossed into a canyon, the eyes and genitals gouged. Then the bloodied corpse of a naked woman is discovered on a remote road outside of town. As police search for clues to her death, tracking a lost cell phone, scattered footprints and layers of tire marks far into the desert, they soon come to a terrible realization - that one man and his friends are suspected in all three crimes. And when a renowned blood spatter expert finally determines who the murderer is, the community is shocked to learn that a serial killer has been living in their midst.
Feb 28th

To Catch a Serial Killer

The world’s top criminal investigators, forensic scientists and behavioral analysts go behind the scenes of some of their most challenging serial murder cases to reveal the cutting edge forensic science, technology, behavioral psychology and investigative techniques involved in tracking down a serial killer. The detection and apprehension of the gainesville ripper, who brutally attacked and murdered five college students in florida, provides the core narrative against which the unique forensic and investigative details of four other cases are compared and contrasted.
Mar 1st


On the outskirts of hamilton, ontario, a jogger makes a gruesome discovery – the partially mummified remains of a human body. Using state of the art forensics, police are able to identify the body as that of a suburban wife and mother of two. She has been brutally bludgeoned to death, but no missing person’s report has ever been filed. As police investigate, they discover evidence of domestic strife, including a love triangle and charges of assault. Determined to find the killer, police dig further into the victim’s life, doggedly tracking down a former lover to new york city, where they uncover another crime. But it is a forensic entomologist and her knowledge of the minute lives of insects that leads investigators back to ontario and the arrest of the woman’s husband for murder.
Mar 2nd

The Smily Face Killer

One by one, prostitutes in spokane, washington are being hunted down and discarded in remote wooded areas by a vicious serial killer. On each victim’s head, police find his macabre calling card – a plastic bag emblazoned with an ironic smiley face. Investigators soon realize they are dealing with the worst type of serial killer – an average joe with no criminal background and with the extraordinary ability to blend in with the community. With few clues to work with – and as the death toll continues to rise – investigators turn to ballistics experts, space age fingerprinting technology, and to a forensic botanist who believes he can solve the crime by reading plants and trees.
Mar 5th

Knock Knock Youre Dead

Summer, 2001 and southern louisiana is held in the terrifying grip of a serial killer whose initial ‘hot zone’ is the louisiana state university area of baton rouge. The number of victims is growing and all are attractive, successful young women -- women whose mainstream, “low risk” lifestyle should never put them on the radar of a killer. But this is the hardest kind of serial killer to catch -- impulsive, always changing his m.O.
Mar 6th


A series of over sixty spectacular fires rips through california’s san joaquin valley, killing four people and devastating the landscape. An extensive investigation by the atf, police and forensic scientists reveals a common pattern among all the blazes, and to their horror, authorities soon realize that a serial arsonist is on the loose. As they painstakingly study the evidence from each crime scene, a single fingerprint leads them to one suspect. He is john leonard orr, a respected arson investigator for the glendale fire department in southern california and one of the worst serial arsonists of the 20th century.
Mar 7th

The Fifth Commandment

A double homicide in hudson, wisconsin leaves a small town reeling and two young detectives with little to go on. The victims are upright citizens, shot execution style, with no apparent motive. In agatha christie-like fashion, a tantalizing array of suspects emerge but after two years, there are still no arrests. Richard walter, the famed criminal profiler, becomes intrigued by the cold case and narrows the suspect list down until only one man is left standing. And no one can believe who that person is. A combination of expert crime scene analysis, computer forensics and the perpetrator’s own pathological urge to talk… the bereaved families finally see justice served.
Mar 8th

Leaving Las Vegas

Glamorous las vegas, nevada is famous for wealth, lady luck and second chances. But when homicide detectives discover the charred remains of a prominent business man, sin city reveals a darker side. With a long list of suspects and millions of dollars on the line, investigators are suddenly thrust into a dangerous world of high stakes deception fueled by passion, greed and revenge. A murder mystery where nothing is as it seems and anyone is capable of anything, only forensic science can expose the truth and catch the killer.