Most Shocking

Most Shocking

About the show

A collection of real-life videos covering some the most shocking police chases, dangerous encounters and acts of criminal behavior. Shot from all perspectives, these videos are intense, thrilling and unbelievable. From bar fights that get out of hand to hostage standoffs with police and high-speed car chases, the danger of out-of-control situations is caught on tape. 


Upcoming episodes

Feb 24th

High Octane Impacts

In this episode, a trooper on a routine traffic stop gets slammed by a crazed driver behind the wheel of an out-of-control station wagon. Plus, a man filling-up his gas tank gets struck by lightning – igniting a powerful explosion. And, a kite-boarder gets caught by a giant gust and gets smashed into the side of a house. Tv-14-v
Feb 24th

Party Pandemonium

In this episode, a birthday boy becomes a human torch when the cake’s candles erupt in a freak explosion of flames… plus, a mobster gets nabbed by cops on his wedding day and hauled from the alter and into the backseat of a cop car. Also, mardi gras party girls flash the crowd and get pelted with exploding fireworks. Tv-14
Feb 24th

Competitions Gone Bad

In this episode, a cop trying to break up a soccer riot gets attacked with a burning flare. Plus, a drag car explodes, trapping the driver in a raging inferno. Also, a world series victory celebration explodes in a city-wide melee. Tv-14
Feb 24th

Wild Encounters

In this episode, a mad woman launches a vicious attack when she releases her out-of-control pit bull on an animal control officer. Then, a police dash camera catches exclusive footage of the legendary chupacabra…and, a hunter on an african safari gets charged by a three hundred pound man-eating lion. Tv-14-v
Feb 26th

Citizens Under Attack 3

In this episode, there’s plenty of drama on the streets when a freestyle battle rapper gets knocked out by an angry competitor and a tax collector gets run over by a deadbeat. Tv-14-lv
Feb 26th

Criminals out of Control 5

In this episode, an ex-con tries to escape from jail, and gets tackled by a fleet footed cop. Then, russian mobsters start a turf war with factory workers… and a desperate criminal opens fire on police, forcing an explosive take-down. Tv-14-v
Feb 26th

Lawless Ladies 4

In this episode, a mad mom storms a school bus and launches an assault on the driver. Plus, a pair of gun-toting female bandits open fire on a mini-mart clerk… and an ordinary pullover goes wild when a boozy babe does a striptease for a cop. Tv-14-lv
Feb 26th

Camcorder Chaos 2

In this episode, a tourist and his camcorder catch a passenger jet blow sky high...And a passerby records the horror of an injured cop outnumbered by a wild mob….While storm chasers hit record when a powerful twister demolishes an entire house. Tv-14
Feb 27th

Under the Influence 3

In this episode, a dangerous drunk runs from the law…and then runs himself over. Also, an intoxicated sword swinging madman stages a violent protest on a rooftop…and a liquor store thief opens fire on police and meets a sobering end. Tv-14-lv
Feb 28th

Lawless Ladies 5

Most shocking is the ultimate 'caught-on-camera' reality show featuring high-adrenaline, action-packed stories of criminal behavior.  In this episode, a drunken dame climbs to the top of a 100-foot billboard, and then hits rock bottom…and an armed woman storms a police station and forces cops to blow her away.  Plus, a glamour girl scalps her best friend and exposes a bald spot in their relationship. Tv-14-lv