Border Wars

Border Wars

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Border Wars follows Customs and Border Protection as they patrol the border, and rides along with local law enforcement charged with keeping things safe in the border towns of South Texas. Follow the cameras as we show the challenges and complexities in this hot zone, where more drugs are apprehended than anywhere else in the U.S. Determined to defend our borders, these officers and agents take their jobs seriously. Border Wars illustrates the heartbreaking, jaw-dropping, and action-packed side of issues like illegal immigration and the ongoing war on drugs.


Upcoming episodes

Aug 15th

Contraband Highway

In southeastern texas, the rio grande is the dividing line between the united states and mexico. Here, customs and border protection officers and agents are on patrol 24/7 to enforce immigration laws and to stop the trafficking of illicit goods, including drugs and weapons. In this episode of border wars, officers and agents of the department of homeland security intercept a load of weapons heading into mexico, bust a suspected narcotics stash house, and conduct surveillance on the banks of the rio grande. A total of 67 journalists reportedly have been killed in mexico since 2000 while another 11 others have gone missing since 2003.
Aug 16th

Midnight Drug Run

In this episode of border wars, agents and officers of the department of homeland security apprehend airline passengers with counterfeit identification, intercept a load of narcotics on a boat bound for florida, and raid an area in puerto rico hoping to dismantle gang and drug operations. The airline passengers, a pregnant woman, and her husband, told officers through an interpreter they were trying to get to the brazilian embassy after having their passports and $14,000 stolen in st. Martin. During questioning with a u.S. Border patrol intelligence agent the couple was able to positively identify the person helping them information that may end up helping to put the smuggler out of business.
Aug 17th

3,000 Pound Coke Bust

In this episode of border wars, agents and officers of the department of homeland security target illegal immigration and contraband smuggling. A u.S. Immigration and customs enforcement (ice) task force performs a sweep of north miami beach, seeking out drug violence and gang activity. Customs and border protection officers search a 90-thousand ton cruise ship for corrupt crewmembers. And several government agencies work together to intercept a massive drug load stashed onboard a panamanian fishing vessel.
Aug 18th

Gang Task Force

In this episode of border wars, miami and puerto rico , agents and officers with the department of homeland security and the drug enforcement administration intercept a boat with a multi-million dollar drug load , apprehend an alleged member of a transnational gang, and destroy a marijuana grow house. Immigration and customs enforcement (ice) agents from a violent gang task force apprehend an alleged member of a dangerous gang to see if he will give them valuable inside information. Hours later, a dea agent leads a raid on a marijuana grow house operation in west palm beach. At the same time, off the coast of puerto rico, the u.S. Coast guard intercepts a fishing boat carrying what turns out to be more than 500 pounds of cocaine.
Aug 20th

Cartel Crackdown

Agents scour the border by air, land, and river, to stop illicit drugs and undocumented immigrants from slipping into the u.S. Through the country’s largest inland port in laredo, texas. Follow along as they track a group of immigrants hiking through private ranchland just north of the border. Face off with smugglers to stop a group of suspected immigrants from rafting across the river into the u.S. Uncover a dangerous drug rarely seen in the region. And team up with a swat team to bust a suspected coke house.
Aug 21st

High Speed Chase

Cbp agents of the department of homeland security target drug smuggling and illegal immigration. In this episode of border wars, agents chase down a car filled with illegal immigrants heading north. When the group bails from their vehicle, agents must run through thick brush in search of the immigrants, who face imminent dehydration in the south texas heat. At the laredo port of entry, a group of officers uncover a spare tire that's loaded with a massive currency seizure - money likely headed into cartel hands south of the border. Meanwhile, the laredo swat team prepares for a bust on a suspected gang member's home in search of cocaine and black tar heroin.
Aug 22nd

Weed Warehouse

In laredo, texas, agents and officers of the department of homeland security watch for illegal migrants and their scouts along the rio grande, recover a half ton of marijuana from a false wall in a truck, and destroy drug traffickers’ most valuable commodity.
Aug 23rd

Storm Surge

In this episode of border wars agents and officers of the department of homeland security must fight the flow of illegal narcotics into the u.S. In the aftermath of hurricane alex, while working alongside the flooded rio grande to keep illegal immigrants from entering the u.S.
Aug 24th

Marijuana Air Drop

In nogales, az, .S. Customs and border protection agents and officers dismantle a smuggler checkpoint in the remote desert section of ajo, seize a vehicle carrying weapons and nearly 800,000 dollars into mexico and implement new strategies to keep up with a new, almost foolproof method of smuggling drugs.
Aug 25th

Smuggler’S Tunnel

With increased border security, smugglers resort to new methods to get humans and drugs into the united states: Agents descend into a claustrophobic drug smuggling tunnel, discover narcotics in a freight train and chase illegal immigrants through the desert on dirt bikes.