Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives

About the show

When investigators have exhausted every lead and turned over every stone... when detectives are out of time and out of luck... where do they turn?  Law enforcement has developed an arsenal of tools to help stalled investigations. But how often do they actually enlist the help of a psychic?  Psychic Detectives tells the true stories of real cases where psychics help detectives solve some of law enforcement’s most baffling cases. It’s the show that’s turning skeptics into believers.


Upcoming episodes

May 23rd

Bonds of Blood

A Tennessee tobacco farmer finds the body of a young woman on the edge of his property and calls police. They identify unusual puncture wounds on her neck and recover a single bluish gray fiber on her clothing, but have no leads on a suspect. The victim’s father, a retired Nashville Police Officer, takes matters into his own hands and consults with psychic Nancy Myer. After holding an item belonging to the victim, Myer is transported to the interior of a truck. The man driving is bumping up and down as if on an uneven road. His hands are large, dirty and rough looking, like a laborer. Myer also senses there is something unusual about the murder weapon. Will her information be enough to catch a killer?
May 24th

Little Boy Lost

A man arrives at his middle-aged parents’ home for a visit and finds them dead. Evidence from the scene suggests the victims interrupted a burglary but any further clues in the case are hard to come by. With a killer on the loose and the case going cold, police pursue every lead that comes in - especially one from psychic Tana Hoy. Can Hoy’s recurring vision of a little boy help unravel a mystery?
May 25th

A Dangerous Ride

When Laura Bell is reported missing detectives spring into action, knowing the first 48 hours in a missing person investigation are critical. Police retrace her steps and are led to the scene of a house party from the night before. But when they’re met with resistance from the home owners, any leads that may be inside are fading quickly. Will psychic Laurie McQuary jumpstart the investigation when she’s inexplicably drawn to a wide open field miles from the party?
May 26th

The Sign of the Cross

Patrick McNeill, the son of an influential family, vanishes after a night out at a Manhattan bar. New York City detectives run down leads and secure a surveillance tape showing McNeill hailing a cab. The possibilities of where he went next are endless. With powerful family connections to the Catholic Church, police wonder if Patrick is the victim of a kidnapping. Under immense pressure, detectives use every resource available and ask psychic Mary Rose for assistance. Can police make sense of her visions of water, Brooklyn and the astrological sign Pisces in time to save Patrick McNeill?
May 27th

Three of a Kind

A Wilmington, Delaware woman is attacked in her home, the victim of an apparent robbery gone awry. When the crime goes unsolved for months, police contact psychic Nancy Myer for any insight she may have. When Myer scans the crime scene photos she is transported to the murder scene and sees the killers plain as day. Then her intuition draws her to a solitary tissue left on the ground. But her final reading is the most chilling - the same men are responsible for another murder.
May 27th

More Than A Dream

An inferno rages out of control following a massive explosion in a quiet Texas town. In the following days authorities are able to account for everyone in the area except for Ivey Beasley, whose property was the epicenter of the explosion. Has there been a horrible accident, or was Beasley targeted? Meanwhile, across the country a psychotherapist in New Jersey is conducting a session with her patient, Elizabeth Joyce, who has been haunted by dreams of an explosion and a mysterious woman. With each detail, the therapist realizes she is describing her aunt who is currently missing in Texas - Elizabeth Joyce has just discovered her psychic abilities. Can she take it a step further and find Ivey Beasley?
May 27th

The Flower Girl

Shots ring out in the parking lot of a quiet Texas bar. Patrons run outside just in time to see a blond woman being forced into a pick up truck that speeds off into the night. With no evidence left at the scene, no leads and no idea who the victim is, police are stumped. They reluctantly contact psychic Carol Pate in the hopes that she’ll give them a place to start. Standing in the parking lot, Pate is immediately able to envision the crime scene and begins to smell flowers. But even more astonishing, she instructs police to begin driving. Can Pate follow a ghostly trail and find a kidnapped woman?
May 29th

Emergency Response

A man calls 911 to report a vehicle off the side of the road with a woman slumped inside. But when investigators arrive, they quickly establish that there is nothing about the vehicle that indicates it had been in a traffic crash. Upon further investigation it becomes obvious that the body has been staged and relocated from a primary scene. Psychic Noreen Renier is brought onto the case and has a terrifying revelation – the man who committed this murder has been around death many times before. Are police hunting for a serial killer?
May 30th

Crossing Paths

Police receive a frantic phone call from the parents of Rachel Domas, who say the teenager never came home from school. After following up on various leads, police eliminate the possibility that Domas simply ran away. It’s declared a missing persons case, but with no clues and a girl who vanished without a trace, investigators are at a dead end. Can psychic Nancy Weber and her vision of a mysterious man in overalls crack the case?
May 31st

Sign of the Zodiac

A serial killer is holding New York hostage. He is picking out his victims according to their astrological sign, leading the press to dub him The Zodiac Killer. Two eyewitnesses to one of his shootings say the killer is black, but the only solid clue police have to go on is a cryptic note left at one of the scenes with a symbol of a cross within a circle. Psychic Noreen Renier is brought onto the case for any insight she may have. She is able to see the face of the shooter. But he’s not a black male—he’s Latino and his name is Eddie. Is the psychic right?