Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives

About the show

When investigators have exhausted every lead and turned over every stone... when detectives are out of time and out of luck... where do they turn?  Law enforcement has developed an arsenal of tools to help stalled investigations. But how often do they actually enlist the help of a psychic?  Psychic Detectives tells the true stories of real cases where psychics help detectives solve some of law enforcement’s most baffling cases. It’s the show that’s turning skeptics into believers.


Upcoming episodes

Feb 24th

The Gambler

Residents of a quiet Louisiana town are terrified when four murders are committed in quick succession, all with the same pattern: the perpetrator disables the alarm system, uses a weapon found in the home and steals a large amount of money. But even more disconcerting, he never leaves any fingerprints or DNA. With no leads, police call upon accomplished psychic Rose Kopp to help with the case from her home thousands of miles away in Hawaii. She sees a skinny man who is a laborer, a female accomplice with a name ending in “i”, a four door sedan and the two looking at gambling brochures. Police race to connect the dots, but time is rapidly running out – the killer has just claimed his fifth victim
Feb 25th

House of Cards

An elderly couple is found dead in their home. There is no sign of struggle. Police are unsure if the deaths are murder-suicide or a double homicide. The family of the victims is convinced it’s murder. When the case goes cold psychic Noreen Renier is brought onto the case. Her readings point investigators in a surprising new direction.
Feb 25th


Two Boca Raton High School students disappear from a picnic and police immediately conduct a massive search effort using dogs, divers and hundreds of volunteers on foot. But with no leads and not even knowing whether the teens are runaways, being held captive or already victims of foul play, they decide to ask psychic Phil Jordan to consult on the case. He immediately has visions of a wooded area, train tracks and a shabby-looking house. But it would be an onsite visit to the picnic area that prompts Phil’s most important vision yet.
Feb 25th

Family Ties

In rural Polo, Missouri, Scott Davis is found dead in his home and his wife, Angela, is gone. The whole town searches the surrounding area for signs of the missing woman, but finds nothing. Unsure if he is looking at another homicide or a potential suspect, the Polo Police Chief calls in his friend, psychic Joyce Morgan, for any insight into Angela’s whereabouts. She immediately says that Angela is dead and correctly identifies where the body is later discovered. Impressed with her accuracy police begin following her clues, trying to connect the dots between a convicted bank robber, the name ‘Jimmy’ and a sketch of a rifle.
Feb 27th

The Runaway

15-year-old Courtney Waring of Kearney, Missouri is reported missing. Just as the investigation gets underway, psychic Joyce Morgan approaches police and offers her services. She’s had an ominous vision – Courtney is dead. Morgan’s additional clues lead police right to the prime suspect and a murder arrest. But without Courtney’s body, a conviction will be difficult. When detectives ask Morgan for any information as to Courtney’s resting place she envisions a red bull with a white face, a farm with a silo, and a smiley face. But most worrying is the detail that Courtney is in a dark, damp place near water. In the best of circumstances, searching the massive nearby Missouri River would present investigators with a huge task, but Missouri is in the midst of the worst flooding the area has seen in 100 years.
Feb 28th

Officer Down

A shocking crime hits close to home for the Akron, Ohio Police Department when narcotics officer Gary Yost is shot dead. With little else to go on, police must rely on a different kind of witness and contact psychic Phil Jordan for assistance on the case. Jordan envisions shadows, a strange noise and an odd trigger finger. But his most amazing clue comes when presented with a group of mugshots.
Mar 1st

A Voice in the Wind

When Jesse Jones fails to show up at his family’s Thanksgiving dinner, they begin to fear the worst and call police. A widespread search for the missing man is conducted but he’s nowhere to be found. Out of options and desperate for answers, his family calls in psychic Gale St John. She has visions of a green house with blue shutters and knows the answers to Jones’ whereabouts lay inside. But identifying the location of the mystery house is only the first piece of the puzzle.
Mar 2nd

Vanishing Visitors

In the middle of a museum tour, a man vanishes into thin air, leaving no clues behind and no trail for police to follow. The family turns to psychic Noreen Renier and is shocked by her accuracy when she describes the missing man in detail, going so far as to identify a scar on his leg. Convinced of her abilities, the family starts following the path Renier feels he took. Will it lead to the missing man?
Mar 3rd

Bonds of Blood

A Tennessee tobacco farmer finds the body of a young woman on the edge of his property and calls police. They identify unusual puncture wounds on her neck and recover a single bluish gray fiber on her clothing, but have no leads on a suspect. The victim’s father, a retired Nashville Police Officer, takes matters into his own hands and consults with psychic Nancy Myer. After holding an item belonging to the victim, Myer is transported to the interior of a truck. The man driving is bumping up and down as if on an uneven road. His hands are large, dirty and rough looking, like a laborer. Myer also senses there is something unusual about the murder weapon. Will her information be enough to catch a killer?
Mar 4th

Little Boy Lost

A man arrives at his middle-aged parents’ home for a visit and finds them dead. Evidence from the scene suggests the victims interrupted a burglary but any further clues in the case are hard to come by. With a killer on the loose and the case going cold, police pursue every lead that comes in - especially one from psychic Tana Hoy. Can Hoy’s recurring vision of a little boy help unravel a mystery?