Crime Stories

Crime Stories

About the show

This investigative series takes the viewers behind the scenes with those who record crime investigations up close - on film, on paper, and on tape. Along with police officers, the family and friends of the victims, defense lawyers and prosecutors share their recollections of the crimes and their consequences.  These first-hand accounts, coupled with dramatic re-enactments, news footage, clippings and photographs paint a comprehensive picture of the grim truth. 


Upcoming episodes

Dec 11th

The House Hermit

A young Vancouver woman is tied to a tree and sexually assaulted for 9 straight days just yards away from the busiest highway in Canada. A wealthy Ontario realtor and his wife are found murdered in the trunk of their car. Behind it all, a reclusive loner named David Snow. SnowÕs passion for antiques is so intense that it sends him down a violent path from which there is no turning back
Dec 12th

The 22 Caliber Killer

When two suburban housewives are killed in their homes within a week of each other in May 1970, it leaves the rural areas surrounding Toronto in fear. Thirty years later, the murders are solved, and the man responsible is caught, thanks to the meticulous collection and preservation of DNA evidence. But there is a surprising twist - Ronald West was a Toronto police officer at the time of the murders.
Dec 13th

The Killer Handyman

A man who was once accepted into a small Quebec community and commonly referred to as Bill lÕAnglais turns out to be a murderer, whose crimes cover nearly twenty years. When he makes four trips from Barrie, ON to Montreal, QC in the fall of 1999 in an accelerating frenzy of rape and murder, he leaves behind a single fingerprint. Through skillful police work and intense surveillance, the police are able to catch their killer in the process of disposing incriminating evidence.
Dec 14th

The Pictou Sadist

On December 11, 1987 a hard luck child living in a group home in Ontario was reported missing when she failed to return home from school. Trina Campbell had been known to run away on occasion but, this time she had been abducted by a convicted rapist. With the help of the suspectÕs sister and brother-in-law, authorities begin a surveillance mission that would take them across three provinces and lead them directly to where TrinaÕs remains were hidden.
Dec 15th

The Vampire Rapist

Known as the Vampire Rapist for his distinctive modus operandi, Wayne Boden would rape, strangle and bite the breasts of his victims. It was a bite mark that he left on his Calgary victim that proved he was the person responsible for these crimes. Superior evidence gathering and the help of a local orthodontist would work to ensure his conviction for his Calgary crime, and force him to plead guilty to three similar cases in Montreal.
Dec 16th

The Wells Grey Gunman

In August of 1982, six members of the Bentley/Johnson family disappear in the Wells Grey National Park without a trace. Over a month later, the burned out Johnson vehicle is found with the remains of all six family members burnt beyond recognition inside. A massive manhunt for the killer begins, finally ending with a local man, David Shearing confessing to the crimes.
Dec 16th

The Tattoo Man

A weeklong crime spree began with the murder of a young woman, found naked, stabbed and strangled in the closet of an abandoned apartment in London, Ontario. Then, a Toronto man was found murdered in a parking garage, bludgeoned to death with a pipe. Now on the run and headed into rural Ontario, Peter John Peters embarked on a desperate journey of abduction, rape, and robbery in an attempt to fuel his escape. It is the skill of five police services that bring this man to a halt near Sault Ste. Marie, ending his reign of terror over Ontario.
Dec 16th

The Conservative Killer

In 1983 the ex-wife of Cabinet Minister Colin Thatcher is found brutally murdered in her garage. Police have their suspect, but pointing the finger at powerful politician Colin Thatcher is dangerous business. Through intense interrogations and a brilliant sting operation, police gather the evidence they need to shake the halls of power and bring the killer to justice.
Dec 18th

The Homicidal Drifter

Spring 1998. In the city of Moncton, New Brunswick police discover the bodies of Joan Hicks and her 11-year-old daughter, Nina Ð both brutally murdered late in the night. That same day, an eyewitness account prompts police to arrest Michael Wayne McGray for the heinous crime. However the real investigation soon uncovers the depths of Michael McGrayÕs twisted mind, revealing a nation-wide killing spree that spanned more than a decade.
Dec 19th

The Casebook Rapist

An international student is found raped and murdered in the bathroom of her high-rise apartment. Police on the scene have few concrete leads, but painstaking fingerprint analysis finally connects a Malaysian bodybuilder named Tien Poh Su to the crime scene. To bolster the circumstantial evidence, police pursue an elaborate undercover operation to get the blood sample they need to convict a rapist who practices crime Ôby the bookÕ.