Southern Justice

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Follow police as they uphold the law in the backwoods of the southern states. An insight at the work of law enforcement agencies in Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC.


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Feb 24th

Meth in the Mountains

Witness the raid of a suspected residential meth lab with Sullivan County, Tennessee deputies and the narcotics team. With about 50 meth labs busted in Sullivan County each year, deputies can't be too careful around the cocktail of combustible chemicals used to make the drug. Just across the border, in Washington County, Deputy Shull is responding to a hold-up at an adult novelty store. As the nearest officer to the scene, he's been called across county lines. Then, it's fugitive apprehension day in Sullivan County! Deputies devote one day a month to finding and arresting Sullivan County's most wanted.
Mar 3rd

Mountain Manhunt

Sullivan County, Tenn. deputies and detectives conduct a non-stop manhunt after a man in his twenties is accused of raping a woman in her seventies. Accused of other crimes, including kidnapping and burglary, the man is finally caught in a forest, but appears to be unconscious. In Ashe County, NC, a depressed economy and lack of jobs has only added to the problem of alcoholism. When a fight breaks out in a bar, Deputy Josh ÒHoppyÓ Hopkins finds himself caught in the middle, trying to figure out who threw the first punch and why.
Mar 10th

Appalachian Lock-Up

Southern Justice takes a look at life behind bars in the jails of Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC. Inmates work, play and survive in their home away from home. Follow Johnny, Don and Savannah as they strive to not just serve their time, but to clean themselves up and get out for good
Mar 17th

All in the Family

Wendy Hopkins, sister of Ashe County, NC, Deputy Josh ÒHoppyÓ Hopkins has struggled with drugs for years. When deputies other than Hoppy attempt to bust a known dealer, he gets away, but they find and arrest his girlfriend Wendy. ÊA county-wide manhunt ends with the dealer's violent arrest, but Hoppy and his family have to cope with Wendy's criminal charges and pending trial. In Sullivan County, TN, Deputy Matney and other officers act on a tip that residents of a home may be ÒcookingÓ methamphetamine. They are told a ÒneedleÓ was seen in the home. But following a search and investigation, they find that the needle is simply a turkey baster. No meth bust for Matney today.