Missing Persons Unit

Missing Persons Unit

About the show

What would you do if your loved one suddenly vanished? Could you peel back the layers of the missing person's life to piece together the clues that could save them? In this compelling series, explore some of the most baffling and shocking missing persons cases from across the country. Each episode chronicles the race against the clock expert investigators face while working on these cases and the surprising secrets that are often revealed after someone vanishes. 


Upcoming episodes

Feb 24th

Brandi Stahr Case

A college student disappears without a trace. Police follow every lead but to no avail. The young woman has simply vanished. Years go by and the mystery remains unsolved, but one determined lawman refuses to give up the search. And what he ends up finding would shock everyone.
Mar 3rd

Clever Case

Ronda Clever vanishes from her Missouri neighborhood during her daily morning jog. With help from an eyewitness, local authorities pinpoint Clever’s last known location – a bridge located along her jogging route. Evidence recovered at the scene points to an abduction. Racing the clock, police mobilize a massive search of the surrounding area, but it turns up nothing. The ensuing three year investigation would uncover a mysterious pick up truck, a secret storage unit and another missing woman.
Mar 10th

Bolser Case

Denise Bolser’s husband arrives home from work to find his wife missing and a ransom note taped to their refrigerator. Knowing that every passing hour in a kidnapping case is crucial, police immediately begin tracking Bolser’s final known movements, set-up surveillance, install phone taps and put out an all points bulletin. But hours turn to days, and days slip into weeks. With each passing year the chance of finding Denise Bolser gets slimmer and slimmer until nearly all hope is lost. For nearly two decades, dogged detectives refuse to give up on the case in the hopes of finding some form of closure for Bolser’s family. But they’re stunned by what they actually end up finding.
Mar 17th

Lawrence Mbroh Case

A man about to get married disappears without a trace. Extensive police searches yield nothing, and the whereabouts of the missing man remain a mystery. But then, a dark secret changes the whole investigation. Can police find him before its too late?