Dominick Dunne

Dominick Dunne

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No one knows the dark side of the rich and famous better than Dominick Dunne. The consummate insider and relentless crusader, Dunne chronicles the arrogance that leads the rich to believe they are above the law. A best-selling author and celebrated columnist for Vanity Fair, Dunne will rivet you with his selection of notorious cases that uncover the lowest depths of high society.


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Jul 23rd

Burning Obsession

When David Coffin Jr. the heir to a multimillion dollar pharmaceutical fortune, is killed in a house fire, it seems like a tragic accident. It will take a ten year investigation for investigators to uncover the real truth – a tale of love, obsession and murder so sordid and outrageous that its discovery would ultimately lead to the downfall of a promising gubernatorial candidate.
Jul 24th

Deadly Parlay

Doris Angleton is the perfect wealthy, suburban wife, but when the Dallas socialite turns up dead, police begin unraveling a web of lies, deceit and murder that will uncover the shocking truth behind her husband’s ill-gotten wealth – and investigators begin to discover that when a city’s biggest bookmaker is married to the victim, everyone looks like a suspect.
Jul 25th

Sinister Harvest

The Yocums are rural royalty, whose family name is synonymous with success and hard work amongst the aristocrats of California’s Farm Industry. But when Ray Yocum, the family’s patriarch is found murdered with his wife Gayle, it’s clear that someone in the Yocum’s quiet and humble farm community is hiding a lethal secret. Will police be able to find the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or will the murdered escape detection, hiding in plain site?
Jul 26th

Programmed for Murder

Among California’s wealthy technocrat, Hans Reiser is one of the most prominent and most brilliant. But when Reiser’s ex-wife, Nina disappears, investigators begin are forced to wonder – did Hans use his beautiful mind to plot the perfect crime? Without a body, investigators must play a cat and mouse game with a devious genius who always seems one step ahead of them.
Jul 27th

Robert Blake

It’s a Hollywood thriller no screenwriter could dream up when Robert Blake, the star of questions surface about Blake’s sordid history, what seems like an open and shut case becomes a lot more complicated. Will authorities to able to tie Blake to the murder? Or will star struck California jurors set free yet another troubled celebrity?
Jul 30th

Strange Bedfellows

When Kathy Augustine, one of the most powerful and cunning political operators in all of Nevada, is murdered in her home, detective wonder if it’s her no holds barred style of politics or her unusual personal life? And did her murder have something to do with her 2nd husband’s mysterious death years before? An exhaustive investigation will uncover an unbelievable state for lies, deceit and greed that would shock the entire state.
Jul 31st

Dirty Secrets Down Under

Peter Shellard is one of Australia’s least loved Millionaires. A high flying real estate mogul turned Rolls-Royce restorer, Shellard is know both for his argumentative temperament and his bizarre sexual proclivities, so it’s not completed shocking when he’s found dead, bound and gagged in S&M garb with a neighborhood full of suspects. Still Australia’s finest will have to be on their toes to catch the cunning mastermind behind this intricately planned murder.
Aug 1st

Phil Spector

It’s a classic Hollywood thriller when Lana Clarkson is found shot to death in the mansion of pop-impresario, Phil Spector. With a long history of gun-play and his gun used in the murder, Spector looks guilty as sin, but things in scandalous California aren’t always how they seem. Will a star struck jury let Spector off? Or will the “Wall of sound” come crumbling down?
Aug 2nd

Marriage of Inconvenience, A

In 1976, James Sullivan inherited a multi-million dollar liquor distribution empire from his uncle. Newly rich, he married Atlanta socialite Lita McClinton and the two moved to an ocean front mansion in glamorous Palm Beach. There, Jim was determined to work his way into the town¹s exclusive high society. But when Lita proved an impediment to his social advance Jim began to carry on numerous affairs. By 1985, Lita could take no more. She returned to Atlanta and filed for divorce. The morning of her divorce hearing, Lita opened the door to a man holding flowers and was shot. Circumstantial evidence pointed to Sullivan as the man behind the murder but, despite several indictments, was never convicted. For 13 years the case languished until 1998 when police arrested one of the hitmen who in turn accused Sullivan. A murder warrant was issued for Sullivan but when police went to serve it, Sullivan vanished. (Atlanta, Palm Beach)
Aug 3rd

Scandal In Hunt County, A

Susan Cummings was the daughter of billionaire arms dealer Sam Cummings. Her lavish estate in Virginia¹s exclusive Hunt Country was a refuge for the shy woman and her beloved polo ponies. The estate was also the setting for a story book romance between Susan and Roberto Villegas, a former groom from Argentina turned polo player. Eventually though Roberto began to chafe under Susan¹s controlling ways. Susan alleged that Roberto was abusing her and her horses. The final chapter of their saga began when Susan called 911 ­ she told police that she had just shot and killed Roberto in the kitchen. Susan's version of events was that Roberto had attacked her with a knife. But other evidence indicated Villegas was murdered. The sensational trial that followed was a clash between hard evidence and social class. In the end, Susan was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a mere 60 days in jail and a $2500 fine. (Middleburg, VA)