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This show delves into the US judicial system from the viewpoint of the prosecutors who work the cases.


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Jun 19th

Silent Partner

Roy radin was a successful new york theatrical producer with a knack for making money and a taste for the high life. His hopes for making it as a hollywood producer ended abruptly in a remote canyon outside of los angeles. His connections with a major hollywood producer and with a miami cocaine dealer had investigators baffled as to who was responsible for his execution. Before the case came to trial, it would take several years and the dogged determination of los angeles sheriff’s investigator, bill stoner. Facing a battery of high-priced defense attorneys, prosecutors david conn and sally thomas would spend a year in court trying to bring four killers to justice. Silent partner is a story seemingly taken from the pages of a dime novel – but in this case, the truth is even more chilling than fiction.
Jun 20th

Without a Trace

When 27-year-old david wahl disappears without a trace from a state park in oregon, he leaves behind a distraught family and a host of unanswered questions. Months later and 100 miles north, wahl’s body washes ashore. The death is ruled an accident, until a shocking admission by his girlfriend leads to criminal charges. District attorney joshua marquis takes on one of the nation’s foremost authorities on coerced false confessions in a battle that will either bring justice for a grieving family or freedom for an accused killer.
Jun 21st

Defenseless Victim

The disappearance of seven-year-old amanda brown from her florida home sparks a massive search effort by dozens of law enforcement agencies and hundreds of concerned citizens. While the search for the missing girl continues, investigators look into the history of the last man to see her alive, and make a chilling discovery. When an examination of the suspect’s home reveals blood evidence, and dna analysis confirms it was amanda’s, murder charges are filed. Her body is never found. Assistant state attorneys jay pruner and chris moody will have to prove to the jury not only that a murder has been committed, but also that the man seated before them is the killer.
Jun 22nd

Unlikely Suspect

The community of dover, delaware is shocked when human body parts turn up throughout the city. Authorities determine that the remains are all from the same victim, but it will take the best forensic scientists in the country to make a positive identification. State prosecutor eugene hall spearheads a massive effort to find the killer, and to prosecute an unlikely suspect in a case that hinges entirely on circumstantial evidence.
Jun 23rd

Death of the Desciples

In 1992, gang activity in chicago is on the rise. With local law enforcement unable to curb the growing drug trade and its resulting violence, a multi-agency task force headed by assistant u.S. Attorney ron safer focuses on one of the city’s most vicious street gangs, the gangster disciples. The investigation reveals that one man rules the 35,000-member gang from behind bars. To rid the streets of the gangster disciples and the drugs and violence they bring, safer and his team will have to put an end to the reign of its leader, larry hoover.
Jun 26th

The Fast-Food Killer

For many teenagers, their first jobs are at fast-food restaurants. Parents feel that these are safe environments for their children. That image is shattered when seven employees of three different fast-food restaurants in the nashville, tennessee area are murdered over a two-month period in 1997. Months of investigation reveal a texas parolee as the prime suspect after he is thwarted in an attempt to abduct his former restaurant employer. Prosecutors have to piece together the few clues left at the grisly crime scenes to prevent paul dennis reid from killing again.
Jun 27th

Halloween Ambush

A community is horrified when seven trick-or-treaters in pasadena, california are sprayed with gunfire on halloween night in 1993, leaving three young boys dead. Investigators rely on forensic clues, eyewitness accounts, and street informants to find the killers, three gang members bent on avenging a friend’s death. Los angeles county deputy district attorney antony myers leads the prosecution and paints a picture of that harrowing night; a picture that he hopes will lead the jury to decide that the defendants are guilty of capital murder.
Jun 28th

Fallen Friend

An evening of pick-up basketball in houston turns tragic when prosecutor gil epstein is murdered in a community center parking lot. Investigators depend on anonymous tips and hazy eyewitness accounts to track down a killer. District attorney chuck rosenthal leads a prosecution team whose chances for a conviction are put in jeopardy by a single holdout juror.
Jun 29th

Deadly Medicine

When the death rate at a rural indiana hospital skyrockets, an investigation implicates a nurse, orville lynn majors. State police are left with a daunting task. In order to conclude that majors is a serial killer, police first have to first figure out if the deaths were murders and then determine how he killed the patients. A two-year, $1.6 million investigation ends with the arrest of majors on seven counts of murder. With the statistical evidence that spawned the investigation barred from court, prosecutors greg carter and nina alexander will have a difficult time convincing the jury of majors’ guilt, and putting an end to his deadly medicine.
Jun 30th

Fathers Pain

When a mother and her infant daughter disappear from rural huntsville, texas, suspicion quickly falls on the woman’s husband. Lacking evidence, authorities cannot make an arrest. With the case growing cold, a teenager hundreds of miles away confesses to the murder of margaret and kori rae owings. Prosecutor david weeks builds a capital murder case around the confession, but defense attorneys argue that it was illegally obtained. It will take the united states supreme court to decide whether an admitted murderer will go free.