About the show

When a woman meets the man of her dreams, what possibly could go wrong? A lot, actually, if the charming, funny and good-looking guy becomes his mate's worst nightmare. Those are the types of handsome devils profiled in this series, which exposes the secrets of charming beaus who turned into cunning killers. 


Upcoming episodes

Oct 24th

The Navy Seal Pastor

Tim tillman is a charismatic pastor at the vincent revival center church in central alabama. He is the life and soul of the community, his congregation just love him. So when he accidentally shoots and kills his wife janet while carrying some guns upstairs in their own home, the good folk of vincent are heartbroken.
Oct 31st

The Deadly Dentist

Glen wolsieffer is handsome, muscular, and the successful owner of a thriving dental practice in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. Glen and high-school sweetheart betty are the toast of the town. But their picture-perfect marriage ends in tragedy when betty is found beaten and strangled one night, after an apparent break-in at the family home. But when police investigate glenõs private life, they find heõs a man with a lot to hide.
Nov 2nd

The Babyface Killer

Memorial day weekend, 1990, and 39-year old jayme hurley goes missing from her north carolina home. Investigating detectives stumble across a charming, good-looking young man called lesley warren. A former juvenile criminal, warren knew hurley from her days as a counsellor. At first, warrenõs all smiles and the picture of innocence.
Nov 7th

The Abusive Charmer

When flight attendant kate jewell makes an appointment to see a naturopathic doctor, she isnõt expecting the man of her dreams. But thatõs exactly what john williams branden turns out to be; a smooth-talking, handsome and fiercely intelligent doctor. Pretty soon, he has kate completely under his spell. But as time goes on, kate starts to see a darker side to john.
Nov 14th

Hurricane Love

French quarter, new orleans, 2005. Beautiful 29-year old bartender addie hall falls in love with iraq veteran zack bowen. When hurricane katrina hits the city, addie and zack stay put. They survive the devastation, loving the new found freedom they experience in the ruined city. But when the excitement fades, their passionate relationship turns violent.