About the show

When a woman meets the man of her dreams, what possibly could go wrong? A lot, actually, if the charming, funny and good-looking guy becomes his mate's worst nightmare. Those are the types of handsome devils profiled in this series, which exposes the secrets of charming beaus who turned into cunning killers. 


Upcoming episodes

Jan 23rd

Hurricane Love

French quarter, new orleans, 2005. Beautiful 29-year old bartender addie hall falls in love with iraq veteran zack bowen. When hurricane katrina hits the city, addie and zack stay put. They survive the devastation, loving the new found freedom they experience in the ruined city. But when the excitement fades, their passionate relationship turns violent.
Jan 30th

The Charming Killer

Itõs 1999 and american overseas student rachel souza is over the moon. She has finally met her prince charming at university in england: The handsome neil entwistle. The happy couple soon marry, have a baby and move to hopkinton, massachusetts to be with rachelõs family. Life seems perfect. But behind the scenes, things arenõt so rosy.
Feb 6th

The Spy Who Loved Me

Mary thompson meets good-looking, charming and clever will jordan on a dating website. Sheõs certain sheõs found her soul mate. A whirlwind romance results in a fairy tale marriage in 2002, and mary couldnõt be happier. But will is constantly away from home and is acting suspiciously. When mary confronts him, will tells her that he is an undercover cia agent working in the uk. Mary starts to fear for her safety.
Feb 13th

Blood Lust

Charismatic rod ferrell is a troubled sixteen year old fascinated by the dark fantasy world of vampirism. In murray ky, rod starts his own coven of teenage followers who meet regularly to drink, take drugs, have sex ð and suck each otherõs blood. His lust for power, control and brutal violence spirals out of control. When he learns that heather wedorf, an ex-coven member who lives in eustis fl, hates her parents, a dark and twisted idea begins to grow in his mind.
Feb 20th

Evil in My House

Itõs 1987 and divorcee margie danielsen, mother of three beautiful daughters, has almost given up on finding a man to share her life with. But her prayers are answered when she meets chef sean paul lanier at a country music dance in salt lake city. Sean paul is handsome, charming and attentive ð seemingly the perfect partner. Following a whirlwind romance of dinners, flowers and chocolates, the couple are married just two months after first meeting. But when margie sees her new husbandõs face on americaõs most wanted, her world comes crashing down.