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Falling for the wrong guy can lead to a deadly thud. Told from the perspective of a star-crossed female lover, each story in "Poisoned Passions" follows a tumultuous romance that tests all the limits of love and devotion. The woman, in the throes of a passionate relationship, surrenders to her darkest impulses and finds herself in twisted and often lethal scenarios.


Upcoming episodes

Dec 13th

Dawn Schiller

32-year-old john has swept his teen mistress dawn off of her feet and into a forbidden world of drugs, prostitution and porn. When johnnyõs pals are slaughtered, he flees with dawn, dragging her along for their darkest trip yet.
Dec 20th


Venessa and her husband ken have recently entered the forbidden world of swingers. But, when venessa breaks the lifestyleõs cardinal rule and falls in love with a swinger named jeremy, she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery.
Dec 27th

Vicki Morgan

When millionaire alfred bloomingdale lures aspiring teen model vick morgan into a sadomasochistic underworld, sheõs helpless to say no. But when alfred suddenly dies, vickiõs new habits lead to a dangerous relationship that will end in murder.
Jan 3rd

Poisoned Passions

Teresa is a devoted wife and devout baptist, but even she cannot resist the charms of her churchõs magnetic pastor. When teresaõs husband turns up dead, the affair is exposed, and the pious community is shocked to discover his unlikely killer.