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Dec 11th

Penny Bell

Penny Bell, a successful mother of two, left home at 9.40am telling the builders, who were renovating her home, that she was late for a 9.50am appointment. She drove into the Gurnell Leisure Centre car park less than an hour later. The hazard lights were still flashing when Penny Bell's body was discovered around noon. She had been stabbed and slashed 50 times in the chest and arms with a long knife. Nine years, a £20,000 reward, 8,000 interviews and 2,500 written statements later, nobody has been convicted of the 42-year-old businesswoman's murder.
Dec 18th

Caroline Glachan

On the morning of 24 August 1996, the severely battered body of 14-year-old Caroline Glachan was found by a drug addict in the Leven River near Loch Lomond. She was killed in a frenzied attack, her head smashed open. She was then dumped face down in the river. Police described the violence done to her as "brutal" and the callousness of her killer became all too apparent when it was revealed that she was still alive when she was put in the water. She died from drowning.
Dec 25th

David Entwistle

On Saturday May 3rd 2003, seven-year-old Daniel Entwistle vanished from his hometown of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, he has never been found. There are many unanswered questions and to many it appears Norfolk Police rapidly put the whole case on a back burner. Daniel was last seen playing in Copperfield Avenue, Great Yarmouth after visiting the local shop, although what he bought there is a little unclear - varying statements have suggested, baby milk, a babyÕs bottle and even sweets. In fact the confusion around even the smallest parts of the story adds to the suspicious nature of everything associated with the events.
Jan 1st

Alan Wood

Alan Wood was bound, tortured and mutilated at his home in the tiny rural Hamlet of Lound, near Bourne in Lincolnshire, in October 2009. Police know that his bankcards were stolen and used in Bourne and nearby Stamford over the following couple of days. The criminal or criminals involved, despite the use of this extraordinary level of violence, walked away with just a few hundred pounds. And beyond a possible financial motive, it is still not known why the most disturbing crime in Lincolnshire in recent history was committed