Alaska State Troopers

Alaska State Troopers

About the show

Follow one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation, patrolling alone on unforgiving terrain. Responding by land, air and sea - with backup sometimes days away - these troopers patrol hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska. From violent chainsaw crimes to intoxicated gold miners, State Troopers must be prepared for anything in Alaska.


Upcoming episodes

Jun 26th

Alaskan Standoff

Travel from alaska’s crime-ridden city of fairbanks, all the way to grayling, a remote village only accessible by plane.
Jun 27th

Village Vigilantes

Alaskan villages on the outskirts often present challenges. With the help of locals, the troopers track down criminals and solve cases.
Jun 28th

Knife Fight

Troopers enter into high-speed chases, take on search and rescue missions in avalanche territory, and bring down smugglers while undercover.
Jun 29th

Alaska Chainsaw Massacre

Troopers must track down dangerous suspects in remote villages, try to stop a chainsaw attacker and break up alcohol bootleggers.
Jun 30th

Shotgun Showdown

Troopers race after a motorcyclist speeding over 100 miles an hour, go on a manhunt to find an armed suspect, and pin down an intoxicated boater.
Jul 3rd

Armed and Bootlegging

Troopers are put to the test. An illegal home brewing family must be caught in the act and thousands in stolen goods need to be found.
Jul 4th

Bloody Warrior

Troopers must taser a hostile man, track down a suspect involved in a machete assault, and investigate a suspicious vehicle parked outside a house.
Jul 5th

Campground Crazies

Troopers must investigate human-like remains found by campers, escort boaters to safety, and patrol alaska’s wildest, annual festival.
Jul 6th

Grizzly-Pendence Day

Troopers must think fast and act quick when caught in heart-pounding situations.
Jul 7th

Hostage Standoff

For the troopers, life and death hang in the balance, when an armed, belligerent man turns his loaded gun on his pregnant girlfriend.