Alaska State Troopers

Alaska State Troopers

About the show

Follow one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation, patrolling alone on unforgiving terrain. Responding by land, air and sea - with backup sometimes days away - these troopers patrol hundreds of miles of rugged terrain in bone-chilling temperatures to protect the people and wildlife of Alaska. From violent chainsaw crimes to intoxicated gold miners, State Troopers must be prepared for anything in Alaska.


Upcoming episodes

Jan 18th

Drunk and Dangerous

Troopers must handle overflowing rivers sweeping houses downstream as well as a suspicious, unmanned, boat floating towards the shores of alaska.
Jan 19th

Fatal Inferno

Troopers track down a suicidal man, respond to a blazing house fire with the resident still inside, and investigate a burglary in progress.
Jan 19th

Son and a Gun

A horrific accident on one of the kenai peninsula’s most scenic highways leaves trooper david lorring struggling to free a woman from the wreckage.
Jan 22nd

Home Invasion Manhunt

Alaska state troopers help handle a house fire, find illegal fur trappers in the denali wilderness, and plunge into the icy waters of goose lake. Troopers also investigate a possible home invasion, and later, find a massive marijuana stash.
Jan 23rd

Hairy Threat

Alaska state troopers handle a felony stop on the icy streets of fairbanks, save an innocent pooch from the wrath of alaskan wildlife, and patrol the dangerously thin icy waters of the mat-su valleyõs most popular ice fishing lakes. Up north, troopers are on the hunt for a dangerous wild lynx who is wreaking havoc on the communityõs petsñand he might turn on the neighborhood kids next.
Jan 24th

2 for 1 Takedown

Alaska state troopers help a woman scorched by the out of control flames of a bonfire, hunt for a wanted and armed man through the frozen backcountry roads of fairbanks, and start the iditarod race off with safety. Troopers also get a call from a well-known dogsledding family whose sleds have been burgled.
Jan 25th

Contraband and Kitchen Knives

Alaska state troopers rescue a fallen hiker, keep the streets safe from life-threatening drunk drivers, and track down a wanted man. Follow the latest class of recruits at the alaska public safety training academy as they work to master the precision maneuver driving course.
Jan 26th

Nypd to Ast

Alaska state troopers are determined to hunt down vicious criminals throughout the state. In the mat-su valley, troopers and k9s are tracking down a couple of thieves through the snowy backwoods. In fairbanks, troopers are also on the hunt, but this time for an armed and aggressive home intruder.
Jan 27th

Rock Throwing Rampage

Troopers scramble to rescue lost snowmobilers, help a stranded citizen, and recover a frozen body, lost to the harshness of the terrain. Troopers search a suspicious vehicle and find drug paraphernalia and in fairbanks, they deal with a man who has brutally assaulted his sister
Jan 29th

Dead End Deranged

Follow the alaska state troopers as they are swept into a high-speed chase with a dangerous and wanted man and must think on their toes when routine traffic stops are not what they seem. Worsening road conditions wreak havoc on motorists, and trooper recruits earn their stripes as they strip down for the frigid arctic waters