Border Wars

Border Wars

About the show

Border Wars follows Customs and Border Protection as they patrol the border, and rides along with local law enforcement charged with keeping things safe in the border towns of South Texas. Follow the cameras as we show the challenges and complexities in this hot zone, where more drugs are apprehended than anywhere else in the U.S. Determined to defend our borders, these officers and agents take their jobs seriously. Border Wars illustrates the heartbreaking, jaw-dropping, and action-packed side of issues like illegal immigration and the ongoing war on drugs.


Upcoming episodes

May 1st

Cash in the Tank

In this episode, agents and officers of the department of homeland security in puerto rico dismantle a powerful identity theft ring and intercept a huge cash load headed for the dominican republic.
May 2nd

Hidden Tunnel

In this episode of border wars, with one hundred miles of mostly open desert between them agents and officers stationed at the southern border towns of douglas and nogales, arizona, fight a constant battle to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs.
May 3rd

Cartel Cash Stash

In this episode, an ice special response team targets a suspected drug distributor in a large-scale operation, agents plot a coordinated raid, and storm his residential compound which is guarded by a 12-foot high wall.