Cold Blood

Cold Blood

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A murder has been committed... But as the evidence piles up, so does the confusion. Cold Blood returns you to the crime scene so you can examine all the clues for yourself. Can you piece together the facts and eventually crack the case? Combining the thrill of a mystery with the visceral experience of true crime drama, Cold Blood navigates the confounding twists and turns on the journey to solving a homicide, tracking the emergence of new evidence, new revelations, and new suspects... As competing theories come to light, Cold Blood explores how the crime could have occurred from each perspective. Experience real investigations as they unfold. Follow the forensics as they reveal the truth. 


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Sep 10th

Flesh and Blood

On july 13th, 1994, three members of the rafay family are brutally murdered in their new homeé êlater the same night, the familyõs teenage son and his best friend discover the gruesome scene and call for help. At first, authorities believe they are investigating a murder-suicideé êbut as they comb through the evidence, they begin to suspect a much darker story. Could the two teenagers have planned and executed the crime themselves? Police resort to an undercover sting to find outé êbut can they get their suspects to confess?