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Aug 21st

Blood on the Tracks

Detectives Tim Entenok and Joselito Sandoval are called to a crime scene at Brookside Park at 11:00 am, where a missing person is found dead in a 4-foot-diameter sewage drain, in a remote section of the park. ÊThe body is found 300 feet deep in the pipe, which has been draining a constant flow of rainwater.Ê When Entenok takes a closer look at the body, he notices that it is maggot-infested:Ê an indication that the body has been in the pipe for over a week.Ê The victim's head, surrounded by a dried pool of blood, seems to have bullet holes, but the maggots preclude an accurate visual assessment.Ê Only an autopsy will determine the cause of death.Ê Meanwhile Sandoval scours the nearby train tracks for additional evidence.Ê A few rocks, stained with a blood-like substance, are collected.ÊÊ ÊThe investigation seems to go cold with no leads until a female witness gives them a much-needed break in the case.
Aug 23rd

Trial By Fire

Detective Mocello responds to the scene of a suspicious fire in the bedroom of a first floor apartment.Ê He doesn't know if it's a homicide, an accident, or a suicide when he arrives.Ê But he soon discovers that the deceased victim's charred body has sustained serious trauma.Ê While arson investigators pick through the soot, Mocello and the team find a gas can, a set of keys in the parking lot and a shoeprint on a nearby railing.Ê ÊMocello theorizes it could have been a burglary gone wrong.Ê But then Mocello meets with the victim's landlord and learns of a troubled relationship the victim had with a relative.Ê With the evidence they've collected, they'll have to determine whether they should be hunting for a stranger, or a relative.
Aug 25th

Final Call

In the dead of night, Homicide Detectives, Thompson and Pence are called out to a bloody crime scene: a body, riddled with bullets, is found on a porch in a residential neighborhood.Ê Detectives find the tenant asleep in the house, but they don't know if he is a suspect or a potential witness.Ê The tenant knows the victim, but claims to have no knowledge of the murder, and he seems to have a seal-tight alibi.Ê Evidence at the crime scene: the body, the blood, the victim's broken cell phone and a broken vase, all paint a portrait as to how the crime went down. ÊÊAccording to the victim's family, he had no known enemies. ÊÊA search warrant, along with analysis of the evidence and 3D crime scene scans; help to rule out a suspect.Ê With no suspects or leads, Thompson turns to a recording of the victim's 911 call.Ê In a surprising discovery, the victim named his killer during his last moments of life and the hunt is on.
Aug 28th

Deadly Alibis

A young woman is found shot to death in a ransacked apartment.Ê Detectives speculate she may have stumbled upon a robbery. They interview the apartment's residents.Ê They claim to have been out partying the night of the murder.Ê But one resident, the victim's boyfriend, is missing.Ê Detectives discover evidence that sheds doubt on the roommates' testimony.Ê This homicide turns out to be much more complex than a simple robbery, with some very surprising twists.
Aug 30th

Bad Blood

Detectives Hank Veverka and Tom Armelli are called to a possible crime scene. ÊThe coroner arrives and finds that the victim's body shows signs of blunt force trauma to the head. While still on scene, the detectives respond to a call from a woman who claims that she was watching the news story of the crime and she believes that the body they found may be her nephew - who had been missing since the previous night. ÊÊWhen Detectives Veverka and Armelli arrive at the woman's house, she tells them that she had seen a trail of blood leading upstairs to her nephew's bedrooms the day before. ÊShe also reveals that her nephew and his brother have a troubled past, and detectives piece together the evidence to discover what happened.
Sep 1st

Gilpin Court Shooting

Detective Jaime Baynes is called to the scene of a possible homicide.Ê After interviewing a few witnesses, Baynes learns the victim ran 100 yards, coughing up blood along the way.Ê He banged on a couple of doors crying for help, before falling on his back and dying in the grass.Ê In his death grip is a folded-up dollar bill with methamphetamine inside.Ê The medical examiner finds a bullet from a small caliber 25 mm gun had ricocheted around in his body, causing internal bleeding.Ê At the crime scene, where detectives believe the shooting occurred, no shell casings are found.Ê With no suspects or leads, the forensic team tests the methamphetamine for a unique chemical formula, which may lead them to the neighborhood that produced the drugs.Ê Hopefully the drugs' formula and the signature way the drugs were wrapped in the dollar bill, can lead detectives to the source and a possible suspect.
Sep 4th

Shots in the Dark

Detectives respond to a call of a stabbing at a convenience store on North Avenue. The victim is a young man lying in a pool of blood.Ê The convenience store clerks say the suspect ran out of the store.Ê Fortunately, the convenience store has a surveillance video of the crime.Ê The video recorder is removed from the store and taken to the state lab where the tape will be retrieved, copied and reviewed.
Sep 6th

Mother's Day Murder

MotherÕs Day morning. A 58 year-old man lies dead in an open field. Detectives inspect the body and discover the victimÕs cell phone is missing. Later, detectives determine the phone was being used after the victim died. An informant tells detectives he heard two seventeen year-olds, ÒZayÓ and ÒBossy, shot the victim. Since, theyÕre both juveniles, detectives proceed cautiously, building an airtight case. After a dramatic warrant search, Zay and Bossy are arrested. Now the detectives must determine who pulled the trigger.
Sep 8th

Deadly Rendezvous

Detectives Hank Veverka and Kathleen Carlin find the body of a 34 year-old male, shot to death behind an abandoned building. His pockets are turned out, his shoes are off, and his cell phone is missing, all suggesting a robbery. But when detectives learn his identity and discover that he was found nowhere near where he lives, they wonder what brought him to the neighborhood where he was killed. Carlin and Veverka believe they can get to a suspect if they can find out who took his phone, but that proves more difficult than they imagine.
Sep 11th

Ashes to Ashes

Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz take on the investigation of a missing persons case that may turn out to be a homicide. A witness reported seeing a 25 year old male brutally beaten, and that same male has not been seen for days. Without a body, how do you prove murder? Two brothers are suspected of the beating, but Sowa and Diaz must determine if they committed a murder - so it's a race against time to find the victim alive, or find proof of his death. It will take cutting edge forensics to solve this case, and if the evidence doesn't add up, the suspects could get away with murder.