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Jul 22nd

Crime of Passion

Carlo Mazza, a prosperous entrepreneur in the smart town of Parma, Italy, was found shot in his car in 1986. Katharina, a pretty night club dancer and Carlo's lover, was the prime suspect. Initially cleared because she had a cast-iron alibi, the investigation took a bizarre turn when investigators looked more closely at her story that she could not have been involved in the murder as she was in northern Germany at the time.
Jul 29th

XYY Serial Killer , The

Spanish serial killer Manuel Delgado Villegas was caught in 1971 when he confessed to murdering his own girlfriend - and then the truth started to tumble out. He took police investigators on a bizarre tour of the sites of his murders in Spain, France and Italy, where he had killed at least eight and possibly over 40 people. He had killed for apparently trivial reasons; to steal a watch he liked the look of; because he was annoyed by an apparent slight; because someone was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the time of his arrest it was widely reported that he was diagnosed as having XYY syndrome, which led to claims that this may have been responsible for his violent behaviour. Never actually tried in a court of law, he spent the rest of his life in secure mental hospitals.
Aug 5th

Swiss Nightmare, A

Michel Peiry is Switzerland's most extreme post-War serial killer. He killed at least ten times: his modus operandi was almost always the same: he took young teenagers hitchhiking, tied them up, raped them, killed them, and finally burned their corpses. The first crime attributed to Michel Peiry dates back to September 1, 1981. He was then 22 years and travelled to the United States where he made the acquaintance of a young Canadian named Sylvester, who disappeared without trace. On April 16th 1987, a young Frenchman was the last victim of the sadistic killer, near Como in Italy. Peiry was arrested in May 1987 while doing his military service in the canton of Bern. He is serving a sentence of life in jail.
Aug 12th

Deaths In The Family

Peter Lundin strangled his mother to death in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. In 1992, Lundin was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the murder: his father, Ole Lundin, was sentenced to two years as an accomplice. In 1999, Lundin was released from prison and deported home to Denmark. Less than a year later, his girlfriend and her two sons had gone missing. The detective in charge of the subsequent investigation described the basement and garage of Lundin's house as resembling "slaughterhouses". In 2001, a jury sentenced the classic psychopath Lundin to life imprisonment for the crime. In spite of extensive searches, the dismembered bodies have never been found.