Crime Stories

Crime Stories

About the show

This investigative series takes the viewers behind the scenes with those who record crime investigations up close - on film, on paper, and on tape. Along with police officers, the family and friends of the victims, defense lawyers and prosecutors share their recollections of the crimes and their consequences.  These first-hand accounts, coupled with dramatic re-enactments, news footage, clippings and photographs paint a comprehensive picture of the grim truth. 


Upcoming episodes

May 1st

The Victoria Day Shooter

On a single rain-soaked night during the Victoria Day weekend, police are called to the scene of three very similar crimes. Three sex-workers found dead only blocks away from each other, and each of them shot in the head execution style. Fear of a serial killer shakes the community. Police have few clues to go on, and rely on hypnosis to bring about an image from the only eyewitness. The image produced points police in the direction of the most unlikely of suspects, Marcello Palma.
May 2nd

The Bedroom Strangler

Women are being attacked in their beds at night. At each crime scene police find no trace of forced entry and are baffled as to how this intruder is gaining access to apartments sometimes more than 15 stories up. Unraveling the killerÕs modus operandi and eyewitness accounts lead detectives to Russell Johnson Ð a handsome and well-built man who actually scales apartment balconies to find his victims. Pressured into a hasty and premature arrest, detectives must gain the evidence they need from the killers unstable mind, otherwise this balcony climber could walk free to hunt again.
May 3rd

The Lady Killer

A hunter on the outskirts of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan stumbles across human remains. Police are called to the scene and over the next two months, two more full sets of remains are uncovered in the same vicinity. At the same time, forensic anthropology determines that the remains are less than two years old and all three were female and Aboriginal. The threat of a serial killer is soon on everyoneÕs mind and threatening the Saskatoon Aboriginal community. An unprecedented tip from an unreliable source soon has the RCMP working in conjunction with the local media. Together they will attempt to pull-off an elaborate sting operation designed to record the incriminating truth straight from the mouth of John Martin Crawford.