Crime Stories

Crime Stories

About the show

This investigative series takes the viewers behind the scenes with those who record crime investigations up close - on film, on paper, and on tape. Along with police officers, the family and friends of the victims, defense lawyers and prosecutors share their recollections of the crimes and their consequences.  These first-hand accounts, coupled with dramatic re-enactments, news footage, clippings and photographs paint a comprehensive picture of the grim truth. 


Upcoming episodes

Mar 19th

The Abducted Atheists

American atheist madalyn murray o'hair and her family vanished in august 1995, leaving behind an ominous note claiming a family emergency. When the irs started looking for some of the organization’s missing money, they instead found a former employee with the motive to commit murder. Fellow atheist david waters was convicted and the complex case was finally put to rest.
Mar 20th

The Yosemite Park Murderer

On valentine's day weekend 1999, three tourists from yosemite national park disappeared and were found murdered a month later. At the time, handyman cary stayner was questioned but released due to lack of evidence. However, when another missing woman was found dead in yosemite park, authorities were able to pin stayner with all four murders.
Mar 21st

The Silent Sniper

In march 1992 claude hawkins was shot dead while he was fishing in coshocton county, ohio. Investigators found no evidence at the crime scene, but hawkins' murder mirrored multiple deaths in other nearby counties and a psychological profile pointed to thomas lee dillon as a suspect. Police arrested dillon on firearms charges, giving authorities time to gather enough evidence to charge him with the murders that had plagued the community.
Mar 22nd

Doctor of Death

When emergency services arrived at the office of respected neurologist richard boggs following the report of a patient's death, they had their suspicions regarding the circumstances, but an autopsy found that the man died of natural causes. A few months later, after a million-dollar payout on the man's life insurance, a diligent insurance agent noticed an irregularity that ultimately caused california authorities to get to the bottom of the twisted case. In the end, three men, including the “dead” patient, were found guilty of murdering an innocent man for insurance money.
Mar 23rd

The Arbitraiy Assassins

In november 1996, raymond collin went missing in his hometown of timmins, ontario. The discovery of his body days later in a snow-covered truck in downtown timmins led police to an assortment of possible suspects. However, police picked up the trail of the killers following another murder in southern ontario. The co-operation of two ontario police departments led to the arrest and conviction of robin graves and wayne jones.
Mar 26th

The Monster of Miramichi

In 1989, the entire town of Miramichi is held hostage by a monster. This troubled man with a heinous past embarks on a 7-month crime spree, including brutal beatings, rape, arson and serial murder. His victims are women, both young and old. The rampage culminates in the killing of a local priest. Finally, CanadaÕs most intensive manhunt frees the people from Allan Legere, the Monster of Miramichi.
Mar 27th

The Abbotsford Killer

In 1995, terror descends upon the Bible belt community of Abbotsford, BC. An attack on two teenage girls leaves one dead and starts a 7-month siege of torment. The killer hides, phoning and taunting both police and community with details of his horrific crimes. Behind the voice is Terry Driver, a devote husband and father with a terrifying double life. His crimes change the community forever.
Mar 28th

The House Hermit

A young Vancouver woman is tied to a tree and sexually assaulted for 9 straight days just yards away from the busiest highway in Canada. A wealthy Ontario realtor and his wife are found murdered in the trunk of their car. Behind it all, a reclusive loner named David Snow. SnowÕs passion for antiques is so intense that it sends him down a violent path from which there is no turning back
Mar 29th

The 22 Caliber Killer

When two suburban housewives are killed in their homes within a week of each other in May 1970, it leaves the rural areas surrounding Toronto in fear. Thirty years later, the murders are solved, and the man responsible is caught, thanks to the meticulous collection and preservation of DNA evidence. But there is a surprising twist - Ronald West was a Toronto police officer at the time of the murders.
Mar 30th

The Killer Handyman

A man who was once accepted into a small Quebec community and commonly referred to as Bill lÕAnglais turns out to be a murderer, whose crimes cover nearly twenty years. When he makes four trips from Barrie, ON to Montreal, QC in the fall of 1999 in an accelerating frenzy of rape and murder, he leaves behind a single fingerprint. Through skillful police work and intense surveillance, the police are able to catch their killer in the process of disposing incriminating evidence.