Crime Stories

Crime Stories

About the show

This investigative series takes the viewers behind the scenes with those who record crime investigations up close - on film, on paper, and on tape. Along with police officers, the family and friends of the victims, defense lawyers and prosecutors share their recollections of the crimes and their consequences.  These first-hand accounts, coupled with dramatic re-enactments, news footage, clippings and photographs paint a comprehensive picture of the grim truth. 


Upcoming episodes

Jun 26th

Dean Corll: The Candy Man

On august 8, 1973, police in pasadena, texas received a phone call from a young man who had just committed murder. He claims that his victim, dean corll, was going to kill him just like he had done to so many others. Over the next 3 days, police will uncover the bodies of 27 boys who had all mysteriously disappeared. The most shocking part of the story, corll’s killer was also his accomplice.
Jun 27th

Leo Fraser: The Rockhampton Rapist

In the late 1990s, a string of disappearances in rockhampton, queensland left police searching for a killer they couldn’t identify. The murder of a 9-year-old girl on her way home from school blew the case wide open when ex-con leonard fraser was arrested and convicted for her murder. Without the evidence to connect fraser to the other disappearances police have to rely on one of his fellow inmates to get the truth.
Jun 28th

The Love Slave Murders

Gerald gallego, son of a convicted killer, and charlene gallego, honour student and musical prodigy, were a match made in hell. Preying mostly on young women, they raped and murdered ten people in counties across the western states between 1978 and 1980. The gallegos earned the odious title of the first husband and wife serial murderers.
Jun 29th

The Btk Strangler

In 1974, a man identifying himself as the btk (bind, torture, kill) strangler started a killing spree in kansas spanning the next two decades. He managed to kill ten people while eluding an intense manhunt by police. After a 13-year lull, he reemerged in 2004 through a disturbing letter to the media, that ultimately lead to his capture a year later.
Jun 30th

The Teenage Terrors -

Six days into 2004, an unidentified man is found stabbed to death just outside of the booming oil city of calgary, alberta. Just when the police appear to have no leads, a witness comes forward after seeing an article about the murder. The victim is identified as evan chu,* a local dj and security guard who has a penchant for helping wayward youth. School rumors and wiretaps lead police to three guilty teenagers.
Jul 1st

The Menthol Murderer

A week-long search for a missing 10-yr-old indiana girl ends sadly with her body being discovered in a nearby stream. The ensuing investigation puts police through the wringer as they are misled by false confessions and stories of secret meth labs. Dna evidence eventually pins the crime on anthony stockelman and the community is finally able to achieve justice.
Jul 1st

The Woodchipper Wife-Killer

In november 1986, a snowstorm rips through connecticut, leaving wife and mother helle crafts missing. Her husband, airline pilot richard crafts, evades suspicion for weeks by claiming that helle had left the country to visit her sick mother. Groundbreaking forensic work and an eyewitness to a gruesome scene involving an industrial-sized woodchipper, results in a conviction that shocks a community.
Jul 1st

Edward Delen Warren the Wilderness Murders

Us coastguardsman ricky dale hemphill and companion charla toma set out for a picnic along a river near brookings, oregon in the fall of 1979. A day later ricky is found murdered and charla is missing. A tip from a local hunter leads police to edward delen warren, a former convict in the area trying to set up a religious retreat. What police uncover is a bizarre plot that will soon spiral out of control.
Jul 3rd

The Slave Master

Several women went missing from the kansas city area in the1980s and 1990s, three shortly after traveling to missouri to meet a man they had met online. Police came to believe one man was behind the disappearances. Their surveillance of conman john edward robinson led them to the gruesome discovery of the women's fate.
Jul 4th

The Happy Face Killer

A common-law couple was found guilty of the 1990 rape and murder of taunja bennett near portland, oregon. However, a letter signed with a happy face sent to a portland newspaper claimed responsibility for the murder of taunja and others. The happy face letter remained a mystery until keith jesperson was arrested on an unrelated murder charge. Investigators unraveled the truth, convicted jesperson of taunja’s murder, and freed the wrongfully convicted couple.