Upcoming episodes

Jan 26th

Hospital of Horrors

Kathryn Hinnant moves from small town South Carolina to New York City to pursue a career in medical research. But when she gets a job at legendary Bellevue Hospital, sheÕll encounter a horror so shocking the entire city will be gripped with fear.
Feb 2nd

Dance with the Devil

Catherine Woods moves to New York City from small town Ohio to pursue her dream of dancing on Broadway. But when she gets caught in a volatile love triangle, her big city dream gets lost in a nightmare of obsession and violence.
Feb 9th

Fatal Obsession

Rebecca Schaeffer moves from quaint Eugene, Oregon to become a Hollywood actress, and soon has a starring role in a hit sitcom. But Rebecca will soon learn that fame has a dark side more terrifying than she ever could have imagined.
Feb 16th

Rock n' Roll Nightmare

Tim Moreau leaves his Louisiana hometown to join the cutting-edge music scene in Portland, Oregon. But when he gets a job at a major rock club, he learns that the scene has an evil underbelly Ð and heÕs soon caught in a web of corruption and murder.