Dominick Dunne

Dominick Dunne

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No one knows the dark side of the rich and famous better than Dominick Dunne. The consummate insider and relentless crusader, Dunne chronicles the arrogance that leads the rich to believe they are above the law. A best-selling author and celebrated columnist for Vanity Fair, Dunne will rivet you with his selection of notorious cases that uncover the lowest depths of high society.


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May 1st

Island Obsession

In this episode of Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice the body of Australian businessman and jetsetter, Dale Pike, washes up on a Miami beach in 1998. A series of clues lead investigators to piece together the story: Pike had flown to Miami to meet with Enrico Forti, a man he believed was attempting to defraud his father, who ran a resort hotel in Ibizia, Spain. After a month-long trial Forti is convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole.
May 2nd


Andrew C. Thornton III, gets caught up in his unopened parachute and dies on impact in the driveway of an astonished Tennessee homeowner. The plot thickens when cops discover $15milion in cocaine strapped to his body. This episode of Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice examines the parallel life that Andrew Thornton led. Thornton and his two friends from childhood – all three from privileged Kentucky society families, – emerge as the kingpins of “The Company” - a drug smuggling ring. They used their positions of power (two are cops, one works in the governor’s office) and their soldier-of-fortune skills to run weapons to Columbia where they were exchanged for drugs. They were enormously successful until their association with Las Vegas mobsters made them vulnerable to federal investigation and they were ultimately busted.
May 3rd

Family Secrets

Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice examines the murder of miserly Salt Lake City millionaire, Franklin Bradshaw, who was found dead, shot 3 times with a .357 Magnum. There doesn’t seem to be a motive as Bradshaw had apparently made no enemies in business. Investigators begin to speculate that it was a robbery gone wrong. But then the authorities’ attention is drawn to Bradshaw’s own family – in particular his spoiled daughter Frances and her son, Marc. Frances had been living the high life in Manhattan But when it looked like her lavish lifestyle and snobbery was going to get her cut out of her father’s will, she took matters into her own hands – she asked one of her sons to kill his own grandfather, Franklin Bradshaw, before he could change the will . And the boy did as mother asked. “You don’t say ‘no’ to mom,” he told authorities.