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Dominick Dunne

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No one knows the dark side of the rich and famous better than Dominick Dunne. The consummate insider and relentless crusader, Dunne chronicles the arrogance that leads the rich to believe they are above the law. A best-selling author and celebrated columnist for Vanity Fair, Dunne will rivet you with his selection of notorious cases that uncover the lowest depths of high society.


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Oct 23rd

Family Secrets

Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice examines the murder of miserly Salt Lake City millionaire, Franklin Bradshaw, who was found dead, shot 3 times with a .357 Magnum. There doesn’t seem to be a motive as Bradshaw had apparently made no enemies in business. Investigators begin to speculate that it was a robbery gone wrong. But then the authorities’ attention is drawn to Bradshaw’s own family – in particular his spoiled daughter Frances and her son, Marc. Frances had been living the high life in Manhattan But when it looked like her lavish lifestyle and snobbery was going to get her cut out of her father’s will, she took matters into her own hands – she asked one of her sons to kill his own grandfather, Franklin Bradshaw, before he could change the will . And the boy did as mother asked. “You don’t say ‘no’ to mom,” he told authorities.
Oct 24th

Murder He Wrote

On December 9, 2001, the body of Kathleen Peterson, the wife of politician and novelist Michael Peterson, is found at the bottom of a staircase in their Durham, NC home. Although her death is initially thought to have been the result of a fall, a postmortem examination concludes that her injuries are from repeated blows to the head. Michael Peterson immediately falls under suspicion…suspicion that only intensifies when it is discovered that, years earlier, a female friend of his had died as a result of similar injuries. Michael Peterson is found guilty after a three month trial that features 65 witnesses, and more than 800 pieces of evidence.
Oct 25th

Death Of a Beauty King

In this episode of Power, Privilege and Justice, Dominick Dunne examines the dark and treacherous side of family business. Dean Milo grew up to be an attractive, business savvy, ladies man who turned a small company into a $50 million dollar corporation. When his demanding mother and less successful brother, Fred, are stripped of their power, family tension starts to mount. Then Milo is gunned down in his palatial Ohio home and, at first, investigators discover many people with motives. They arrest 10 suspects including an angry lover, business men, and jealous family members. But soon it becomes clear that the murder was motivated by greed and family jealousy.
Oct 26th

The Trophy Wife and the Tennis Pro

Werner Hartmann was the “Stereo King of Chicago.” He had built a retail empire and had the lifestyle to match. But one night his wife returns to their mansion and discovers her husband’s bloody body on the floor of the master bath. She races to the police station and tells the detective on duty: “My husband...I think its suicide. His body’s covered with blood in the bathroom....” When investigators get to the house, they see that Werner Hartmann had taken a dozen shots above the waist from a Mac 10 machine pistol. They would also learn that Hartmann’s life in the months leading up to the murder was a mess.
Oct 27th

Shoot-Out In Bel-Air

In a Sunset Boulevard mansion in Bel Air, millionaire Henry Harrison Kyle, the president of Four Star International, a television-and-movie-production firm, is found fatally shot in the back. Kyle’s 22 year old son Ricky has a history of problems and immediately becomes the focus of the murder investigation. While he claims that an intruder killed his father, witnesses say that Ricky had confided in them about a longstanding desire to kill his father, who was alleged to have been physically and mentally abusive to his son. The prosecution argued that Ricky was consumed with hatred for his father and greed for his fortune, and that, fearing that he was about to be disinherited he plotted the ruse of the prowler.
Oct 27th

Mystery In the Mountains

Bonnie Hood, the owner of a mountain resort in California, is murdered and the investigation centers on her husband, millionaire real estate developer, James Hood. Despite a strong motive, Hood is never charged with anything because his alibi checks out and Bruce Beauchamp, the alleged hit man convinces the court that he did not kill Bonnie. A couple of years later, Beauchamp turns up dead and this time Hood has some real explaining to do.
Oct 30th

Deception In Dallas

In October 1983, police find 30 yr old Rozanne Gailiunas murdered in her upscale Dallas home. Investigators sift through evidence and refusing to let the case go cold. Dominick Dunne leads you through this remarkable story that starts with a seedy murder-for-hire plot and ends with an international manhunt that culminates on the French Riviera.
Oct 31st

Heiress and the Hit Man, The

When investigators in Phoenix find socialite Jeanne Tovrea dead in her home, they immediately suspect her stepson, Happy. It’s well known he despised Jeanne for marrying his father, cattle baron Ed Tovrea, and receiving most of the family fortune after his death. But police can find no hard evidence linking Happy to the crime. Severn years later, an anonymous caller breaks the case wide-open fingering a former business partner of Happy’s as one of the killers at the scene. Prosecutors manage to convict him, but he refused to betray happy- who is free to enjoy his inheritance to this day.
Nov 1st

Biloxi Confidential

Before Hurricane Katrina, the gangland-style murder of Vincent and Margaret Sherry ­ a state judge and his politician wife - was the biggest news to hit Biloxi, MS and the Gulf Coast. Detectives soon suspect the involvement of an underground network of criminals known as the Dixie Mafia. But the investigation takes a more surprising turn when rumors surface that the Mayor of Biloxi was involved. Years of intense investigating reveal a million dollar phone scam run by Angola prisoners and its secret ties to Biloxi’s most powerful figures.
Nov 2nd

The Candy Scandal

Candy Mossler may have been born on a modest farm in Georgia, but that didn't prevent this sweet-talking siren from working her way up to marry millionaire banking magnate, Jacques Mossler. They seemed to be the ideal couple until Candy engaged her nephew, Melvin, in a steamy affair. When Jacques was found dead months later, Candy and Melvin were quickly id'ed as suspects and arrested, causing an unprecedented media circus. The hard evidence clearly pointed to Candy and her nephew, but with their legendary defense attorney Percy Foreman, the two were acquitted.