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Forensic Factor

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Based on true crimes solved by an elite team of investigators, Forensic Factor details the trade secrets used by the world's best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with re-enactments of crucial incidents and firsthand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.


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Oct 25th

The Hog Trail Murders

Between january 1994 and april 1996, in central florida, the bodies of four men are found in a wooded area known as the hog trails. All are severely decomposed, all are naked, and all have been genitally mutilated. Police realize they are chasing a serial killer, but the investigation is hampered by the fact that they are unable to identify any of the victims. Finally a fifth body yields a name, and soon puts authorities on the trail of nurse daniel conahan. Police are able to prove that conahan --a sexual sadist with a taste for bondage-- lured transients to the woods with promises of easy money posing for nude photographs. In the privacy of the wilderness, he tied them to trees and brutally murdered them.
Nov 1st

House Hermit

April, 1992. An elderly couple is found dead in the trunk of their car at their home in upscale toronto. The investigation eventually leads authorities to the couple’s vacation home one hour north of the city. Police soon learn of the “house hermit”— a mysterious intruder breaking into area cottages and camping in them. He becomes the prime suspect in the murders, but though police finally identify him they cannot find him anywhere. That’s because he’s moved 3,000 miles away to vancouver, where he abducts and assaults three women before finally being caught red handed tstrangled one of his victims
Nov 8th

Dead Mans Hollow

A retired fireman on a morning bike ride notices a burning bundle in a farmer’s field…and recognizes the smell of burning human flesh. Investigators at the scene find an unrecognizable body, a distinctive lighter, 2 pairs of latex gloves and the box they came in, paper towels and torn scraps of an office memo. State of the art forensics, dogged police work, and some extraordinary turns of events lead police to the murder scene - the medical room of a ball bearings factory, and the arrest of a former armenian mafia thug turned english family man for the brutal murder of his cruel ex-boss.
Nov 15th


For 23 days in october, 2002 a sniper terrorizes the washington dc area, shooting thirteen people and killing ten. The victims are ordinary people doing routine activities.
Nov 22nd

Gods Bomber

The 1996 summer olympics in atlanta, georgia are rocked by a massive pipe bomb explosion. A woman is killed and hundreds injured. Subsequent bombs at an abortion clinic and a gay bar show a similar m.O., And increasing refinement. Police have no clue who is behind the bombings until they receive a letter signed by ‘the army of god’, an anti-abortion, anti-gay, white supremacist group. When another abortion clinic is bombed in birmingham, alabama, a witness sees a suspicious man leaving the scene and gets his license number. Police are soon on the trail of christian extremist eric rudolph, but it will take a five year manhunt through the rugged terrain of the natahala national forest before they can catch america’s most wanted criminal.
Nov 29th

Colchester Rapist

A reign of terror that spans more than eighteen years. A serial rapist who stalks and preys on elderly women living in isolated southern ontario. With the victim count pushing ten, the attacker’s thirst for violence suddenly escalates to murder. Who is this monster that continues to elude colchester police? Only a revolution in forensic science can strike fear into the heart of this predator.
Dec 6th

Atomic Dog

A self-appointed angel of death on a mission beyond the law. A sniper who targets abortion doctors and then disappears into the shadowy underground that supports and protects him. But when the sniper’s mission moves to murder, a city is thrown into blind panic that spreads across the country and beyond. Armed with the very latest in forensic technology, this is one game the cops have no intention of losing.
Dec 13th

The Eclectic Murders

When the police in farmington, new mexico discover a broken window at a local head shop called the eclectic, they expect to find evidence of a robbery. Instead they uncover a horrific crime scene, with two badly mutilated bodies. One year later, a battered body is found tossed into a canyon, the eyes and genitals gouged. Then the bloodied corpse of a naked woman is discovered on a remote road outside of town. As police search for clues to her death, tracking a lost cell phone, scattered footprints and layers of tire marks far into the desert, they soon come to a terrible realization - that one man and his friends are suspected in all three crimes. And when a renowned blood spatter expert finally determines who the murderer is, the community is shocked to learn that a serial killer has been living in their midst.
Dec 20th

To Catch a Serial Killer

The world’s top criminal investigators, forensic scientists and behavioral analysts go behind the scenes of some of their most challenging serial murder cases to reveal the cutting edge forensic science, technology, behavioral psychology and investigative techniques involved in tracking down a serial killer. The detection and apprehension of the gainesville ripper, who brutally attacked and murdered five college students in florida, provides the core narrative against which the unique forensic and investigative details of four other cases are compared and contrasted.