Forensic Factor

Forensic Factor

About the show

Based on true crimes solved by an elite team of investigators, Forensic Factor details the trade secrets used by the world's best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with re-enactments of crucial incidents and firsthand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.


Upcoming episodes

Mar 23rd

The Yosemite Park Murders

Carole sund, her daughter juli and friend silvina pelosso go missing while vacationing in yosemite national park. The theory is that they had a car accident. What begins as a search and rescue operation becomes a chilling case of murder when the bodies of two of the women are discovered in the trunk of their burned out rental car. An anonymous letter to the fbi leads authorities to the body of the third victim – sexually assaulted and murdered by a lake. Confusing and contradictory evidence keeps police off the trail of a sadistic killer until after he strikes again. When they finally catch cary stayner, the handyman at the motel where the women were murdered, he confesses that he used forensic science to mislead and manipulate investigators.
Mar 28th

The Abbotsford Killer

A special task force hunts down a deadly stalker on the loose in small-town abbotsford, british columbia – where one teenaged girl is found brutally killed and another barely alive. Turning to the latest in forensic dentistry and acoustic technology, investigators try to decipher mysterious marks left on the dead girl’s body and a series of taunting messages from the killer himself. In piecing together their puzzle – and with the life of every resident in abbotsford hanging in the balance – investigators are forced to consider that the killer may even be a member of their task force