Forensic Factor

Forensic Factor

About the show

Based on true crimes solved by an elite team of investigators, Forensic Factor details the trade secrets used by the world's best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with re-enactments of crucial incidents and firsthand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.


Upcoming episodes

Aug 23rd

Forensics on Trial

A six-year old girl, andrea atkinson, is found dead in the boiler room of her toronto tenement. Forensic investigators quickly determine she has been raped and smothered. There are no witnesses. Quick-thinking cops experiment with the sound in the boiler room by yelling with the door closed. Outside, total silence. Whoever killed andrea knew no one would hear him.
Aug 30th

Killing Spree

In three days of savagery the picturesque town gainesville florida is sent reeling with shock. Five university students are brutally attacked and killed.
Sep 6th

Fremont Bomber

In one violent evening, a series of bombs rocks the sleepy california city of fremont. The targets include both the chief and ex-chief of police. But as america’s leading explosive experts sift through the evidence, they discover a plan far more insidious than anyone could have imagined. Can police and forensic scientists stop the fremont bomber before he strikes again?
Sep 13th


After the owner of a private school for asian students vanishes from his driveway, police scramble to find him. The search grows desperate as time begins to run out on the diabetic man who is desperately in need of his medication. Investigators soon have their answer – he has been kidnapped. Now, can they save him before it is too late?