Forensics: You Decide

Forensics: You Decide

About the show

Criminal experts present critical clues and forensic evidence from a complex criminal case. Is the suspect guilty? You decide.


Upcoming episodes

Jun 25th

Deep Waters

A coupleÕs truck plummets into a local lake. The wife drowns but her husband swims ashore. Tire marks at the site lead police to suspect foul play. Watch as forensic experts battle over the evidence and you decide if the husband is a murder.
Jul 2nd

Silent Witness

On the eve of their 11th anniversary a tow truck driver finds his high school sweetheart brutally murdered and his own dogs beaten nearly to death. But investigators arenÕt convinced heÕs innocent and the injured dogs might hold the key to solving the homicide in the end.
Jul 2nd

Over the Edge

A quaint Michigan vacation town is stunned by the mysterious circumstances surrounding Florence Unger, found floating in Lower Herring Lake. Was it a tragic fall from the deck of a nearby boathouse, or will forensics experts find her husband MarkÕs story isnÕt adding up?
Jul 2nd

Up in Flames

A fiery inferno leaves a young woman dead and the police looking for answers. Why was her married lover the first on the scene at such an odd hour? Watch as forensic experts use the same evidence to come to vastly different conclusions and determine whether AmandaÕs death was the result of an accident, or arson.
Jul 2nd

Thou Shall Not Kill

When the wife of a small town ministers overdoses and drowns two teams of experts must determine whether this is a case of tragic suicide or has a man of God become a cold -blooded killer?
Jul 9th

Natures Evidence

Two children vanish without a trace. Months later, their bodies are discovered near a local cemetery. Police suspect the stepfather is behind the crime but the defense says heÕs wrongly accused. Watch as forensic experts battle over the evidence.
Jul 16th

Into the Valley

Eight hundred feet over the edge of a Tahoe mountain road guardrail, a blue pickup sits mangled with lifeless passenger Rinette still inside. Further up the hill Peter Bergna calls 911. Is it a tragic accident or a complicated murder plot? You decide.
Jul 23rd

Deadly Kiss

A teenage girl heads out to a concert and never comes home. When her body is found six weeks later, the case goes cold. DNA opens the case years later, and the last man she was seen with becomes the prime suspect. The defense claims thereÕs no direct evidence linking him to the crime. What do you believe?