I, Detective

I, Detective

About the show

Don't just watch the case being solved...solve it yourself! Answer the same questions that forensic specialists ask while solving a crime and compare your answers with those from real investigators. Are you smarter than they are? 


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Jan 21st

Chance Encounter

A rookie cop finds an abandoned vehicle and makes a shocking discovery in the trunk – a woman’s body. Police interrogate the woman’s ex-husband, with whom she had a rocky relationship, but he has an alibi. Investigators find themselves with no leads. But then, using a high tech fingerprint gathering technique called Superglue fuming, pieces of the puzzle begin to come together.
Jan 21st

Uninvited Guest

A woman's body is found in her backyard. Criminalists are able to prove that she was killed in her bedroom and then moved, suggesting the killer had a personal relationship with the victim. When detectives turn their attention to the immediate family they think they've found their man - but will they get to him in time to prevent other senseless crimes?