I, Detective

I, Detective

About the show

Don't just watch the case being solved...solve it yourself! Answer the same questions that forensic specialists ask while solving a crime and compare your answers with those from real investigators. Are you smarter than they are? 


Upcoming episodes

Jul 23rd

All that Glitters

An elderly woman is found murdered in her Tampa home. Her home is ransacked and her prized 8.2-carat diamond ring is gone. Suspicion immediately turns to her much younger ex-boyfriend, who may have gotten greedy.
Jul 24th

Double Life, A

A body is found floating in a Florida waterway. The only evidence is the toolbox anchor. An investigation stretching from Florida to North Carolina reveals a sordid case of divorce and stolen identity. But can police catch a killer before that identity is stolen again.
Jul 25th

Unwelcomed Guests

Neighbors of a retired man become nervous when his mail starts to pile up. Police are called in and find the man dead. He lived alone, but three places are set at the kitchen table. But that’s not all. Two pairs of jeans, not belonging to the victim, are found in the washing machine. A widower with no family ties, police must figure out who spent his last moments with him.
Jul 26th

Cradle Will Rock

An affluent man and woman are found dead in their bedroom. In the next room, police discover their 8-month old infant son alive in his crib. The couple had recently adopted the little boy. Suspicion immediately focuses on the baby’s biological mother, who had been questioning her decision to give him up. But it turns out she has a strong alibi. Police start to see how a little white lie led to murder.
Jul 27th

Behind Mansion Walls

Security guards in a gated community respond to a house alarm. A wealthy woman is found dead inside and police immediately know it’s no ordinary murder. She’s the widow of a well-known cattle baron and it looks like someone has broken into her estate. But upon further inspection of the crime scene, police determine the killer had inside information and knew the victim. Suspicion turns to family members and a mysterious reporter.
Jul 30th


When police report to a murder scene at a lush two-acre estate, they immediately draw parallels to another unsolved murder. Investigators are confident one suspect has committed both crimes. They begin to dig deep into each victim's life in the hope of finding some connection between the two. Their search would lead them through the worlds of high society, financial disputes and espionage fantasies.
Jul 31st

Family Affair, A

A married couple is found dead in their home in what looks like a bungled burglary. The back gate which neighbors claim was always kept closed is wide open. Police suspect the victims knew their attacker. Attention is turned toward the immediate family, including three children and a son-in-law. Police run down leads to prove that murder has become a family affair.
Aug 1st

Secret Games

Construction site manager John David Johnston is found dead in his office. When authorities learn his ex-wife was the benefactor of a $500,000 insurance policy, they are certain she is responsible. But they’ve only solved part of the puzzle. She was working with a mysterious partner in crime – and an even more mysterious deep-voiced professional killer.
Aug 2nd

Blood Brothers

Police arrive at a murder scene and encounter the victim's frantic ex-boyfriend. He claims she called him, and then the line went dead. Through the course of the investigation, police find many suspects, but all are eventually cleared and the case goes cold. Four years later police get a break - armed with new DNA evidence, they are able to make a match to one of the former suspects. But their investigation is not nearly over. The man has an identical twin, meaning they share the same DNA. Will police be able to expose one of the men as a killer?
Aug 3rd

After Hours

Mia Zapata, the lead singer for an up-and-coming Seattle band, is found dead on the street at 3:00 am. Detectives begin retracing her steps that night and assemble a timeline of events. If they can determine who she was with from 2:00 am – 3:00 am, they will have found her killer. The theories surrounding her death are eclectic; she was killed by a rival band, she was stalked by a rabid fan, a Satanic Cult was involved, or perhaps it’s the work of a still at large Seattle serial killer. It would take investigators 10 years to figure out just what had happened.