Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

Inside the Mind

About the show

Takes viewers inside the minds of some of the most brutal, indiscriminate, international killers to date.  The factual crime series uncovers and analyzes signs of psychopathic behavior and uses chilling real life footage to dissect the mind of the killer. Its ten episodes feature notorious criminals such as Anders Breivik, Eddie Leonski better known as the ‘Singing Strangler’ and Joanna Dennehy, a rarity among serial killers. 


Upcoming episodes

Nov 10th


Wartime australia and a series of murders which would change american law foreveréthreatened with invasion é nearly 50,000 american troops were shoring up the ozzie home front. In melbourne the threat was not just from an enemy abroadé stalking the streets a serial killer made in the usa. Private eddie leonski cut a perplexing figureé often drunk and bizarrely adopting a womanõs voice. Three women were dead and detectivesêwere sure there would be more victimséunless they could they get insideêthe mind of a serial killer
Dec 1st


Even as a teenager, angus robertson sinclair was already a deeply flawed characteré there seems never to have been a time when angus robertson sinclair of glasgow, scotland, could be moved to compassionéat just 16, he was already on probation for one sex attack on a child when he came across 7-year-old catherine reehill; he was sent to prison for her murder. Years later with angus robertson sinclair a seemingly reformed character: The worlds end murders haunted scotland. Before claiming another victim, could anyone get inside the mind of a serial killer?
Dec 8th


What transformed anders breivik - a privileged norwegian with a bright career ahead of him ê- into a racist right-winger intent on killing as many people as he could? And why had he targeted children and youngêpeople who were savoring a week on an idyllic island one high-summer? Find out, in inside the mindêof a serial killer
Dec 15th


Children go missing from a small community in new delhi. They disappear at a rate of one every month for nearly two years.Êparents fear their children have been snatched to service the organ transplant trade - or worse, the child sex trade.Êpoliceêrefuse to believe they are beingêabducted. They are wrong. Are they being taken by 'country boy' surinder koli whose mind has been warped by sex parties thrown by his boss? The death of 19 children is made worse to take for parents who then discover that koli was also a cannibal
Dec 22nd


Step-by-step, mark erin rust escalated to become a killer. Starting out as a sex pest, he grotesquely graduated to rape before randomly murdering complete innocents. All the time he was suffering from a little-known syndrome called klinefelter syndrome, which restricted the growth of his genitalia. Was that what made him hate women? Either way, adelaide was a dangerous place to be for the years he prowled the streets whilst working the taxi trade. Suspecting they had his voice on tape, south australia police went public with the audio file. Could anyone recognize him before he killed again?