The Investigators

The Investigators

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This documentary series unravels the complex nature of justice - how it is denied and how it is achieved. Created by a team of award-winning producers, each show presents a compelling true story about America and law enforcement.


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Aug 19th

Wrong Man? Lost in the Woods, The

When the body of 12-year-old Sarah Cherry is found in the woods of Northern Maine, local man Dennis Dechaine is convicted of the murder and sentenced to life plus forty years in jail. He had been found near the crime scene late at night and claimed that he lost his truck. But Dechaine is widely known as a pacifist - he couldn’t even kill the chickens on his own farm. Sixteen years later, Dechaine now has a new defense team and new evidence which he says proves his innocence.
Aug 20th

Wrong Man? Mistaken Identity, The

Fernando Bermudez was 22 years old when he was convicted of shooting a man to death outside of a Manhattan nightclub in 1991. He was sentenced to 23 years to life in prison for the crime of second-degree homicide. Jerry Palace and Reggie Britt investigate the events leading up to the shooting and the questionable testimony of two witnesses in the case. Was Bermudez set up? Who was the shooter if Bermudez was not involved? Is Fernando Bermudez the “Wrong Man?”
Aug 21st

Broken Honor

In an idyllic Maine coastal town best known for lobster trapping and small town gossip, a bullet ends Officer Sonny Grotton's life as he returns from a week at sea to visit his family. Only the elite team of NCIS investigators can follow the trail of clues through an undercover drug sting, to a local con man and a personal vendetta that the victim never saw coming.
Aug 22nd

Burning Secret

When the body of a young woman, Annie Tahan, is found by the side of a rural highway in S. Carolina, the prime suspect is her boyfriend, Navy Officer Michael Palaan. NCIS directs a carefully planned sting operation, but when it fails to trap the navy officer into a confession, the team launches a national hunt for a common household item that holds the key to the mystery of Annie's murder.
Aug 23rd

Military Secrets

When a Navy Petty Officer disappears from the Washington Navy Yard, an elite team of NCIS agents are called in to investigate. The agents join forces with local police and soon their investigation leads them to a second missing person. With few clues to work with, the agents turn to their extensive network of high-tech specialists to connect the dots between a suspicious phone call, an isolated church, and a mysterious security camera photo.
Aug 26th

Friendly Fire

When a handful of human bones found on the world’s largest US Navy base in Norfolk, VA turns out to be the remains of a 30 yr old Naval employee, NCIS agents are called in to solve the mystery of his death. The path of the investigation forks with one road leading through a tangled family quarrel, and the other pointing in the direction of a conspiracy among the man’s friends which takes the agents to the exotic Greek island of Crete.
Aug 27th

Helzer Skelter

A devout Mormon, stockbroker and father of two, Glenn Helzer was excommunicated by the Church after a binge of sex and alcohol. In response, Glenn decided that the Church needed to be purged of Satan, which would require a violent attack against the Church. Glenn, egotistical, mysterious and charismatic, used extortion, manipulation and murder to propel his mission – and even his own brother and girlfriend fell victim to his misdeeds. After a lengthy investigation, both Glenn and his brother Justin were convicted on five counts of murder and were sentenced to death.
Aug 28th

Bones of Contention

Sandra Anderson and Eagle, a Doberman Pinscher/German Shorthair Pointer she has handled for more than 17 years are considered the best human remains search team in the world. But when Mark David, a community police officer, suspects Anderson of planting bones at a crime scene, he launches into an investigation into the many cases Anderson has worked on over the years. If David's investigation bears out hit suspicious, it will wreck a 20-year murder investigation - and cast doubt on countless other murder cases across the country.
Aug 29th

Fire and Ice

The Coast Guard received a distraught call from prominent Alaska native whose yacht caught fire while he and his family were spending the night out at sea. In a dramatic rescue effort, scuba divers and Coast Guard choppers search the entire area but by the next morning, no trace of his family were found. An investigation revealed the use of fire accelerants and insurance policies totaling over one million dollars. In an unprecedented mission, investigators called in a Navy salvage ship whose search revealed clues that point to arson, fraud, murder, and an undisclosed love affair.
Aug 30th

Chance Encounter

When a man noticed two bodies floating in the river, he immediately jumped in to save them. A closer look revealed the two had been shot but were still alive. One victim gave police a description of his attacker. Immediately one parent becomes alarmed and realizes that description matches someone he recently fired. But it doesn’t end there. No one else can identify him.