The Investigators

The Investigators

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This documentary series unravels the complex nature of justice - how it is denied and how it is achieved. Created by a team of award-winning producers, each show presents a compelling true story about America and law enforcement.


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Jun 20th

Dead or Alive

A 911 caller frantically reports a fire. Upon arrival, police find a car resting against a tree but something is off – there are no skid marks or signs of a collision. Human ashes are found in the front seat and Clayton Daniels is pronounced dead. With a turn of events, it is found that Daniels is still alive, and was trying to fake his death, collect insurance, and start a new life with his wife.
Jun 21st

Tangled Web

Detectives, investigating a mysterious killing, follow several false leads, then hit a dead end before finally uncovering clues pointing them to a grandmother, a hitman and a hairdresser.
Jun 24th

Dangerous Game

Erika sifrit was an honor student who came from an upper-middle class family. Benjamin sifrit was a former navy seal. Together, this couple lured others to their condo, toyed with their deepest fears and finally murdered them…simply for the thrill of it. This one-hour documentary will chronicle this couples' story while giving details of the investigation that brought them to justice.
Jun 25th

A Body to Die For

A Body To Die For examines the story of Barbara Rojas, a 52-year-old mother from California. Friends recommended that she go to Ecuadorian plastic surgeon Guillermo Falconi. Falconi, a doctor in his homeland, but unlicensed in the United States, offered to remove Rojas' fat for $1,000. Falconi agreed to conduct the procedure in Rojas' home, while her 14-year-old daughter acted as his assistant. Rojas willingly agreed to the terms -- and soon plunged into a nightmare with fatal consequences.
Jun 26th

Shelley Shannon: An Unlikely Terrorist

Shelley Shannon, housewife and church-going mother of two who was convicted of firebombing six abortion clinics in 1992 and attempted first-degree murder in 1993 when she shot and abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas. She is serving a 31-year prison sentence. How did this religious mother and wife end up committing these acts of violence?
Jun 27th

Uniform Justice

Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California. As the sun rises over the Pacific Ocean, the pre-dawn reverie is shattered by the sound of simulated artillery fire. Further inland on the base however, a much quieter event is about to disturb the strict order and discipline of this elite marine base. While fishing on a recreational lake on the base, James Griffin and his son discover a body floating in the water. This is a case for NCIS - the Naval Criminal Investigative Service - the law enforcement agency that investigates all crimes that involve Navy or Marine Corps personnel.
Jun 28th

Deadly Enterprise, A

A chilling case of insurance fraud. Two brothers in rural Alabama set up a fake company whose sole purpose is to hire innocent victims, take out life insurance policies on them, and then encourage them to overdose on alcohol so that the brothers can collect millions in insurance claims. We hear from the investigators who helped break the case wide open.
Jul 1st

Wrong Man? Edward Lee Elmore, The

In 1982 Edward Lee Elmore was arrested, tried and convicted of murdering 75-year-old Dorothy Edwards in rural South Carolina. Today, Elmore is 41 years old and is the longest serving death row inmate in SC. Our Wrong Man team investigates the crime and explores the possible innocence of Elmore. We’ll talk to the prosecutor, the daughter of the woman who was murdered and with Elmore himself as we untangle the events that led to Elmore’s arrest.
Jul 2nd

Alien Conspiracy

When girly hossencofft was late for her job as a bank teller in albuquerque, new mexico, her supervisor immediately called the police. Girly had recently left her philandering and deceptive husband of six years, diasien hossencofft, and feared for her life.
Jul 3rd


Three cases couldn’t be solved until investigators discovered a pioneering artist with a sixth sense. The investigator profiled internationally known forensic artist frank bender whose facial reconstructions have helped the fbi, interpol and scotland yard catch fugitives that couldn't be identified.