The Investigators

The Investigators

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This documentary series unravels the complex nature of justice - how it is denied and how it is achieved. Created by a team of award-winning producers, each show presents a compelling true story about America and law enforcement.


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Oct 23rd

A Body to Die For

A Body To Die For examines the story of Barbara Rojas, a 52-year-old mother from California. Friends recommended that she go to Ecuadorian plastic surgeon Guillermo Falconi. Falconi, a doctor in his homeland, but unlicensed in the United States, offered to remove Rojas' fat for $1,000. Falconi agreed to conduct the procedure in Rojas' home, while her 14-year-old daughter acted as his assistant. Rojas willingly agreed to the terms -- and soon plunged into a nightmare with fatal consequences.
Oct 24th

Tales from Jail

Features a Jailhouse Interview with Ex-New York Jet Star Mark Gastineau. A profile of both inmates and staff, this documentary offers a rare, inside look at how the system works. Ex-New York Jet star Mark Gastineau, now serving 18 months for assault and criminal contempt, grants his first interview since becoming drug free, and discloses the troubling circumstances that led to his downfall. The special also looks at the officials who run the jail, including recently-appointed Deputy Warden Emmanuel Bailey. Bailey, a 14-year veteran in the Department of Correction, offers insight into the inmate population, its structure and distinctive, often violent, culture. Additionally, Lisa ãSpudä Holloway, who has spent 18 years in and out of jail, details the gay life among the women in her housing area, and William Morrisette, a member of the Latin Kings gang, reflects on his 25-to-Life sentence for murder.
Oct 25th

Disappearance of Dawn, The

On the night of January 27, 1973, a young woman named Dawn Magyar was shopping for her family near her home in Owosso, Michigan when she disappeared. The mystery shocked the small, peaceful community. Three months later, Dawn’s body was found—she had been murdered. But detectives were left with few clues, and were at a loss as to who could have killed Dawn. Nonetheless, they kept at the investigation, pursuing leads that didn’t pan out. The case went cold, but detectives and the community kept it close to their hearts, hoping to one day solve the case. Years later, with the advance of DNA technology, Dawn’s case was reopened. Although detectives could now develop a genetic profile of her killer, this only served to eliminate the remaining suspects. Detectives refused to give up, and with the help of national computer databases, traced the murder weapon from the factory to the original owner, who had bought it 30 years earlier. This man would hold the key to the mystery, and almost 30 years later, detectives would finally be able to bring Dawn’s killer to justice.
Oct 26th

Deadly Exposure

Los Angeles, CA - On August 27th, 1978 the nude body of 31-year-old Donnelee Duhamel is found decapitated; the mother of two has also been brutally raped. Photographer, William Bradford was the last to see her alive, however, with insufficient evidence, the murder is unsolved. Six years later, in August 1984, 21-year-old model Shari Miller disappears while traveling to meet Bradford for a photo shoot. When 15-year-old Tracey Campbell is also reported missing - investigators strongly suspect her neighbor Bradford. A search of his apartment leads police to Tracey and Shari’s decomposed bodies. Bradford is sentenced to first degree murder for both homicides. During the investigation, the prosecution links Bradford in the rape and disappearance of many other women. At sentencing Bradford chillingly states, "think about how many [murders] you don't even know about." In July 2006, the sheriff's department releases Bradford’s photograph album containing 50 images of teenage girls in an effort to see if any were victims of foul play. One of the pictures is of Donnelee Duhamel
Oct 27th

Friendly Fire

When a handful of human bones found on the world’s largest US Navy base in Norfolk, VA turns out to be the remains of a 30 yr old Naval employee, NCIS agents are called in to solve the mystery of his death. The path of the investigation forks with one road leading through a tangled family quarrel, and the other pointing in the direction of a conspiracy among the man’s friends which takes the agents to the exotic Greek island of Crete.
Nov 20th

Wrong Man? Edward Lee Elmore, The

In 1982 Edward Lee Elmore was arrested, tried and convicted of murdering 75-year-old Dorothy Edwards in rural South Carolina. Today, Elmore is 41 years old and is the longest serving death row inmate in SC. Our Wrong Man team investigates the crime and explores the possible innocence of Elmore. We’ll talk to the prosecutor, the daughter of the woman who was murdered and with Elmore himself as we untangle the events that led to Elmore’s arrest.
Nov 21st


Three cases couldn’t be solved until investigators discovered a pioneering artist with a sixth sense. The investigator profiled internationally known forensic artist frank bender whose facial reconstructions have helped the fbi, interpol and scotland yard catch fugitives that couldn't be identified.
Nov 22nd

Trail of Deceit

When the body of a missing Sacramento lawyer is found in a vineyard, a nationwide hunt for his wife ensues. This episode of “The System” tells the story of Elisa McNabney an attractive and beguiling woman who had a string of aliases and life of crime in her past. After a two-month search and a federal warrant for her arrest, the police discovered her true identity and finally cornered her on a beach in Florida. She gives investigators a detailed account of her husband’s murder identifying her accomplice as her 22 year old lover, Sarah Dutra.
Nov 23rd

Into Thin Air

When ATF informant Christine Elkins mysteriously disappears before she can help put away drug dealer Tony Emery, authorities suspect she is dead. However, there is no body, no blood, no weapons, no witnesses. Two agents spend eight years following lead after lead, encountering nothing but dead ends. Then finally, a routine interview yields the break they have been searching for. The quest to get their man takes police to a number of unlikely places – including the bottom of the Missouri River.
Nov 24th

Alien Conspiracy

When girly hossencofft was late for her job as a bank teller in albuquerque, new mexico, her supervisor immediately called the police. Girly had recently left her philandering and deceptive husband of six years, diasien hossencofft, and feared for her life.