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Jan 27th

It's Job Security

In this episode of jacked we meet the elite members of the essex/union auto theft task force. This specialized police unit in northern new jersey patrols the streets at night in their tricked-out suv's, tracking down and immobilizing stolen cars, and deploying a high tech decoy car to catch unsuspecting thieves. Tonight, the team's helicopter spots a stolen car speeding through the city streets -- and we see just how dangerous stolen vehicles can be.
Feb 3rd

I Was Gonna Go Home

In this episode of jacked the auto theft task force (a.T.T.F.) Is back out on patrol in newark, nj. "The wolf pack" as the team is known, trails a stolen vehicle and blocks it in -- capturing a wanted gang member in the process. A few days later their lojack tracking signals go off, alerting them to a stolen vehicle in the area. The car, taken at gunpoint and knifepoint, was stolen only hours earlier. They follow the signal to see if it leads them to the perpetrator.
Feb 10th

Saturday Night

In this episode of jacked the auto theft task force (a.T.T.F.) Mans their heavy-metal suv's while they search for stolen cars in and around newark, nj. A deliveryman has his car stolen at gunpoint, and the unit uses their high tech decoy vehicle to capture a pair of unsuspecting car thieves. The real action takes place when the unit changes their schedule and catches the auto thieves off guard.