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Jan 29th

Season 2 - 1hr Special (All In The Family)

History is full of tragic stories of killings within one's own family. Patricide and Matricide are as old as time itself. A horrific statistic is that family killings take place almost daily in the United States. What terrible circumstances could provoke a child's dark desire to murder their own flesh and blood? These five stories reveal the shocking truth about kids who brutally took the lives of their parents and family members.
Jan 30th

Season 2 - 1hr Special (Cults and Gangs)

Adolescents who are antisocial are more likely to find unity in gangs or criminal cults. The more an unstable child identifies with a larger cause and a newfound identify, the more likely he or she will engage in dangerous behavior. When kids feel that a crime cannot be traced back to them, they will find freedom through violence. Four cases are examined where group-think and the manipulation of a gang leader led innocent individuals to tragedy.**Please be advised that this program is littered with swastikas and nazi paraphernalia.
Jan 31st

No Apparent Motive

Bellevue, Washington...a comfortable suburb just south of Seattle. On a quiet Saturday night in 1997, a young woman found strangled to death in a local park leads police back to her home where they find her family has been brutally murdered. This seemingly unprovoked atrocity leaves the town shaken to its core. March 4th the sun sets on the Wadsworth Military Housing Complex in Virginia, fears rise: 7-year-old Scot Weaver and 9-year-old Daniel Geier are missing. For their families, it is just the beginning of the nightmare.
Feb 5th

Please Kill For Me

There are those who are born with silver spoons in their mouths; for others, it's something far more lethal. In Fort Worth, Texas, privilege bred very bad behavior, and what daughter Kristi Ann convinced two friends to do sent shock waves through the well-heeled community. Friction between mother and daughter is hardly a new story, but Marlene Olive's spin on the subject was. She talked her boyfriend into ending her problem... for good.
Feb 6th

Satan's Disciples

In a rundown farmhouse in rural Georgia, two runaways find themselves on opposite ends of a dark Satanic ritual. Only one will survive. In March, 1986, Sean Sellers followed an earlier homicide by brutally murdering his parents. When brought to justice, he claimed the devil made him do it.
Feb 7th


A simple case infatuation between a school girl and her new, older friend spirals out of control when a rival takes offense. The unimaginable cruelty she and her friends inflict on the young girl shocks the nation. Obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, a handsome, outwardly successful teen is unable to contain his jealous rage.
Feb 12th

Ticking Time Bomb

Noble, Illinois is a small town, a place where even the police say not much happens. But for a young victim of bullying, Noble is far from quiet when the mocking and abuse finally push him to the flash point. Warwick, Rhode Island is where some claim the first blood of the American Revolution was spilled. Blood was spilled there again when the one of the youngest serial killers in US history stalked the city's streets.
Feb 13th

Breaking Point , The

There are parents who place all their hopes and dreams on their children's shoulders. For some it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, but for others it's a burden impossible to bear. It's the 4th of July 2004. On a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, tragedy strikes: a family is found murdered. But when the 14-year-old killer is brought to justice, he finds surprising support from his community.
Feb 14th

Raging Hormones

Like many other teens, internet chat rooms provide an irresistible refuge for a young boy. But online, he forms a friendship that will take him down a very dark road. Among the little monsters trick-or-treating in Amarillo on Halloween night 1979 is one very real monster. His nocturnal activity will leave the town reeling.
Feb 19th

Out of Control

In 1991, three teens have decided to rip off an auto parts store in Pensacola. An angry adult, a sketchy plan, and a group of juvenile delinquents: the perfect combination for events, which will rapidly spiral out of control. Then, Paul Magill steals a .44 Magnum in a flea market. At gun point, he robs a convenient store. To avoid being denounced by the cashier, he abducts her. During his escape, desire mounts and he sexually assaults her. Now, what to do with the witness?