Upcoming episodes

May 27th

Raging Hormones

Like many other teens, internet chat rooms provide an irresistible refuge for a young boy. But online, he forms a friendship that will take him down a very dark road. Among the little monsters trick-or-treating in Amarillo on Halloween night 1979 is one very real monster. His nocturnal activity will leave the town reeling.
May 28th

Out of Control

In 1991, three teens have decided to rip off an auto parts store in Pensacola. An angry adult, a sketchy plan, and a group of juvenile delinquents: the perfect combination for events, which will rapidly spiral out of control. Then, Paul Magill steals a .44 Magnum in a flea market. At gun point, he robs a convenient store. To avoid being denounced by the cashier, he abducts her. During his escape, desire mounts and he sexually assaults her. Now, what to do with the witness?
May 29th

Mommie Dearest & Forbidden Love

In Lynton, Indiana, a cold and calculating wife decides that divorce doesn't go far enough and engineers a horrifying plot to murder her husband. The entire town becomes a suspect as police try to uncover who actually pulled the trigger. Next, two goth teenagers begin a secret, illegal love affair filled with sex, drugs, and murder. When their relationship takes an extreme turn, a mother must find the courage to stop them before she becomes the victim of a gruesome crime.
Jun 3rd

Simon Says & For No Good Reason

An outcast joins a military-style cult of misfit teenagers. But when the leader of the group brainwashes the boys into becoming ruthless soldiers, the once shy and withdrawn teen becomes a deadly assassin. In a Florida suburb, two high school football players share a fantasy of committing armed robbery, but when that fantasy turns into reality, their fates become tangled with the mysterious disappearance of a local girl.
Jun 4th

Allentown Massacre & The Copycat

The quiet town of Allentown, Pennsylvania implodes when two rebellious brothers become vengeful neo-Nazis and begin a rampage of hate and violence that shatters a peaceful family and terrifies their entire community. In a Killer Kids story like no other, a young student becomes riveted by the media reaction to the Allentown killings and seeks to gain his own spotlight by plotting a violent murder that has tragic consequences for his family.
Jun 5th

Like Father, Like Son & Back For Seconds

When an abusive father becomes a casualty of his own hate, his 10-year old son becomes the youngest victim of the state's judicial system in an incredible story where the truth is unclear and everyone is pointing fingers. After a serial killer stalks a small town on a killing spree, police set a risky trap using one of his surviving victims as bait. But when the identity of the killer is revealed, it shocks even the most seasoned detective.
Jun 10th

Million Dollar Plan & Rattlesnake Romeo , The

A teenager is coerced into a criminal plan by a vindictive mother and forced to choose between the love of his girlfriend, and the secret she carries, or murder. When a mother with the best intentions welcomes her daughter's wayward friends into her home, the three teens unite in a drug filled haze that leads to petty theft, a police chase across two states, and a brutal act of murder.
Jun 11th

Frenemies & The Reject

An ugly duckling is transformed into a swan by two of the most popular girls in high school. But when a violent ex-con becomes jealous, their relationship sparks a massacre that sends chills through an entire town. Blessed with a superior I.Q, but cursed with a violent, alcoholic mother who humiliates him, young Guy begins to show early signs of being a budding psychopath. Will he contain his anger, or will it be unleashed on the people that raised him?
Jun 12th

For Sandy & Poison Pal

In a conservative town, two young girls fall madly in love. They are bullied by classmates, and shunned by outsiders but when their own family forbids the relationship they conspire to commit a vengeful, horrific murder. The friendship of two teens is tested when they both fall in love with the same girl. But when this love triangle hits a breaking point, all three lives will be changed forever.
Jun 17th

Peeping Theodore & The Six

In 1961, an eight-year-old girl goes missing. A local boy becomes the prime suspect, but is never charged. When the case goes cold for over a decade, the secret to what happened comes in the form of a cryptic confession from death row. A gang of lost teenagers obsessed with vampirism, devil worship, and drugs are determined to escape their dead-end town. But their faith is tested by a family spreading the good news and a senseless act that would shock an entire town.