Lock Down

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Lockdown plunges viewers headfirst into life in the "big house," the gritty underworld of America's maximum-security prisons, where gangs are prevalent, predators stalk their next prey and inmates are armed with deadly weapons. But prison officials have their own weapons in the form of modern surveillance and old-time isolation -- plus steel batons and pepper spray -- to help keep the peace in these miniature war zones.


Upcoming episodes

Jul 1st

Gang Central

In denver, colorado, the county jail is antiquated and increasingly unsafe. It is filled with almost 2,000 inmates, including accused murderers, drug dealers, and thieves. Nearly half of the inmates in the jail are believed to be involved with gangs. Some prisoners are trying to take advantage of the dilapidated old facility to make shanks, or homemade weapons, before they're transferred to a brand-new facility across town. In this episode of lockdown, we'll meet the gangbangers at the denver county jail and the officers who risk their lives to keep them under control.
Jul 8th

Chaos in California

Filled with nearly 2,500 inmates accused of everything from drugs to kidnapping to torture, sacramento county jail faces a huge problem: Maintaining order and control in a highly overcrowded space with a dwindling number of officers. In this episode of lockdown, we'll meet a married couple facing a potential life sentence on charges of torture and false imprisonment, a first-timer trying to steer clear of the norteño prison gang, and a 52 year-old meth addict waiting to receive her sentence on charges of burglary and fraud.
Jul 15th


When other california prisons can't handle their most violent gang members, they send them to pelican bay state prison. From here, leaders of gangs such as nuestra familia, the mexican mafia, the aryan brotherhood, the black guerillas and the nazi low riders smuggle orders to lieutenants on the streets - from running drug businesses to ordering hits - assassinations of gang rivals.
Jul 22nd

Iron Grip

Inside alexander correctional, there's a constant struggle for control. As north carolina's newest 'close' or maximum security prison, this fortress houses a thousand of the most problematic inmates in the state. And to keep them in line, the staff employs a variety of control methods, from the latest technological systems to good old-fashioned rules and regulations. In fact, alexander has already gained a reputation among inmates at other facilities: It is the prison to avoid - the one with an iron grip on its prisoners. But where there's a will, there's a way. Whether dealing drugs or contracting 'hits', the criminals at alexander don't play by the rules. They'll do whatever it takes to get out from under the staff's stifling control.