Lock Down

About the show

Lockdown plunges viewers headfirst into life in the "big house," the gritty underworld of America's maximum-security prisons, where gangs are prevalent, predators stalk their next prey and inmates are armed with deadly weapons. But prison officials have their own weapons in the form of modern surveillance and old-time isolation -- plus steel batons and pepper spray -- to help keep the peace in these miniature war zones.


Upcoming episodes

Jan 20th

Arizona Tent City

In phoenix, arizona, inmates are held in outdoor pens separated from the desert elements – that swing between 130 degrees in the summer to well below freezing during the winter nights – by only their korean war-era group tents. The country prides itself on keeping jail costs low, conditions primitive and making inmate’s labor for their care and feeding in the nation’s only chain gang.
Jan 20th

Inmate University

Ironwood correctional facility, set in the middle of the california desert, is a series of extremes. Over-crowded, understaffed, and subject to brutally hot summers, tensions at this prison seem to rise with the thermometer. But there is a group of inmates among the 4,800 incarcerated at ironwood dedicated to self-improvement. Those taking part face stiff opposition from their gangs to attend classes. When race and gang riots erupts in the yard in the withering 112-degree heat, many of the prison’s 81 student inmates must make critical decisions that will affect their lives both inside and outside the prison walls.
Jan 20th

First Timers

Iowa separates its youthful offenders (18-26) from their hardened adult prison population, housing the young convicts at fort dodge, in the middle of the iowa prairie. But put 1,100 young medium-security convicts together, and you have a breeding ground for trouble – everything from foolishness to gang violence. With the look of a high school, fort dodge juggles a mix of inmates – racially divided gangs, lower functioning inmates, a handful of juveniles – all on the same yard. Tensions run high and fights are frequent; too much trouble and these inmates are locked-up at the state’s max prison with older and more dangerous convicts.
Jan 28th

Inside Maximum Security

Minnesota's oak park heights is part of a new breed of prison called supermax, and it's reserved for only the worst-behaved, most dangerous criminals, many of which are kept on semi-permanent lockdown. But oak park heights has a plan that allows many of these deadly criminals to leave their cells during the day - if they behave. But how will convicted murderers, rapists and arsonists respond to this sliver of freedom?
Jan 28th

Predators Behind Bars

Leader of the crips, lebanon prison's most powerful gang, diedreikus albert has mastered the prison system, turning it to his own advantage. With no respect for the law and no remorse for the cold-hearted killing that landed him behind bars, albert is doing time his way. He takes us inside the mind of a career criminal, showing us how convicts get away with smuggling drugs and weapons inside prison walls.