Lock Down

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Lockdown plunges viewers headfirst into life in the "big house," the gritty underworld of America's maximum-security prisons, where gangs are prevalent, predators stalk their next prey and inmates are armed with deadly weapons. But prison officials have their own weapons in the form of modern surveillance and old-time isolation -- plus steel batons and pepper spray -- to help keep the peace in these miniature war zones.


Upcoming episodes

May 1st

Surviving Statesville

Built in 1925, and aging badly, statesville correctional is a dangerous place filled with dangerous men, nearly all serving 20 years minimum. Half are in for murder and another quarter are serving time for violent crimes. For many, the thing that makes life bearable are family, loved ones, girlfriends and friends in general but it’s a struggle. Simkatyah winfield is a drug dealer doing 60 years for murder but he’s also a devoted dad. Yet how can he really act as a good parent behind bars, especially now that his 17-year-old daughter is pregnant? Some inmates look beyond the gates of the prison to sustain them. Other inmates are trying just to be themselves behind bars, without getting punished for it. Guiding us through statesville is veteran of 16 years, sgt. Baldwin who expresses the importance of the outside world to inmates and how it keeps them sane. It turns out family, romance, and friendships are the things that make life go around, even among the worst of the worst.
May 2nd

Inmate to Ex-Con

Prison is tough, but some say getting out is even tougher. Most inmates leave prison with less than $200 in hand and must find a job and a bed before the money runs out. Crime, gangs and drugs tempt ex-cons struggling to make good, and all it takes is one bad decision for them to land right back behind bars. After serving 14 years, 37-year-old donovon green has just been released onto the mean streets of l.A. County. Green entered the penal system an armed robber, and violent felon, but he believes he’s undergone a transformation behind bars and is eager to get a paying job and, most importantly, prove himself to his 16-year-old daughter eva. But green has never been on the internet or even used a cell phone. And with carjacking and armed robbery on his life’s resume, who is going to hire him? Another crime would mean a third strike on his record, landing green back in the slammer… this time, possibly for good. He has to learn be a model citizen and fast. And that won’t be easy.
May 3rd

Women on the Edge

The city with the highest murder rate in america. At the wayne county jail, committed officers and counsellors struggle to rehabilitate female offenders, including thieves, drug addicts and prostitutes, with innovative new programs to stop the vicious cycle of crime, jail and more crime. Angry and violent, many of these women have been sexually abused or abandoned as children, and almost all have been incarcerated multiple times. In the downtown jail, we follow the most audacious program fresh start which works exclusively with drug-addicted prostitutes.