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Real stories about the brilliant but deceptive masterminds behind amazing deceptions and seemingly impossible capers. Shot in some of the most exotic locations around the world, Masterminds focuses on the deceivers and their ambitious plots.


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Jul 23rd

Superthief, The

Jack Superthief’’ MacLean broke into an estimated 2,000 homes across America. With an IQ of 167, MacLean outwitted law enforcement, largely by exploiting their communication hardware. Wearing a black cape to conceal his police radios, he never carried weapons, stole solely from houses of the rich, and always was careful to reset any alarms he tripped alarms. Over a six year period, authorities believe he stole $133 million in jewels and cash.
Jul 24th

The Brinks Matt Robbery

In 1983, six robbers broke into the Brinks Matt depository at London's Heathrow Airport. The facility's vault was state-of-the-art and the building was fully alarmed and manned by guards around the clock. But somehow the robbers ended up with tons of gold bullion worth an estimated $45 Million. The mastermind behind this ingenious heist was Mickey McAvoy, a career criminal from South London.
Jul 25th

The Millennium Diamond

On november 7th 2000, a gang broke into london's millennium dome to steal the world’s most expensive diamond – the millennium star – 203 karats, worth $350 million. The mastermind behind this most daring raid is an underworld enforcer and suspected millionaire who wanted this to raid to be the biggest - and last - of his career. Will police officers foil his master plan?
Jul 26th

Silver Bandit, The

We've all heard of the "Silver Spoon" set. Well Blaine Nordahl earned his place in "Masterminds" by literally stealing sets of silver spoons. Nordahl was a neat freak who spent many years perfecting his system of thievery. With his specially designed ultra-quiet footwear Nordahl snuck into pantries, past alarms, trip wires, and dogs, while his victims slept in their beds.
Jul 27th

Disappearing Man, The

Many men fantasize about ditching their wives, family, and vanishing with stolen millions; but in 1983, bank clerk Steven Hadley actually pulled it off. Hadley sabotaged the computer system at the bank where he was an officer and walked out with over a million dollars in cash. He left a good-bye note for his wife, fled the state, and created a new persona for himself ... as a very rich man.
Jul 30th

Leader Of the Pack

Charismatic and hard-living, Aaron Rogers is hardly your average burglar. He starts a burglary ‘academy,’ and employs his ‘students’ in some of the most extraordinary heists in Kansas City’s history. But after the gang’s biggest and most sophisticated job ever, one of Rogers’ students turns informant and Rogers spends 5 months eluding a police dragnet before finally turning himself in.
Jul 31st

The Conrail Boys

They were the most successful train robbery gang ever. The Conrail Boyz operated for almost a decade in New Jersey, stealing millions of dollars worth of merchandise. Led by Edward Mongon, the gang resembles a highly-organized corporation that even hires ‘freelance employees’ from notorious street gangs like the Bloods. The Conrail Boyz impersonated railroad workers, never carried weapons, and used hi-tech military equipment to monitor police activity.
Aug 1st

Phantom Bandit, The

Sophisticated and handsome, Gilbert Galvan is a salesman in the hi-tech industry living in Ottawa. Not even his wife suspects that he might be the most successful bank robber in Canadian history. But indeed, between 1984 and 1987, Galvan robbed more than 100 banks, netting millions of dollars, and leaving police clueless as to his identity. Galvan used police scanners and elaborate disguises to evade capture, but it was his charming personality and photographic memory that allowed him to pull off multiple heists within minutes of each other.
Aug 2nd

Jacksonville Heist, The

Bank Security Guard Philip Johnson spends years planning a major robbery of his own bank. He steals birth dates and social security numbers from co-workers and creates numerous aliases. He then makes detailed studies of employees’ schedules to find out who would be working on the night he targets for the heist. Johnson makes off with a whopping $19 million dollars, and flees to Mexico. It takes the FBI over two years to figure out Johnson's true identity and apprehend him.
Aug 3rd

Stealing Las Vegas

In the mid 90’s Vegas slot machines were robbed of over 10 million dollars and no one knew how. Mastermind Dennis Nickrasch devised a number of clever ways to loot the slots. Using a complex system of keys, wires, magnets, a computer and various drills, he could unload a slot machine in less than sixty seconds. Find out how he did it – and how he was caught!