Missing Persons Unit

Missing Persons Unit

About the show

What would you do if your loved one suddenly vanished? Could you peel back the layers of the missing person's life to piece together the clues that could save them? In this compelling series, explore some of the most baffling and shocking missing persons cases from across the country. Each episode chronicles the race against the clock expert investigators face while working on these cases and the surprising secrets that are often revealed after someone vanishes. 


Upcoming episodes

Jan 27th

Garvin Case

How do investigators find missing persons? Watch dramatizations mixed with interviews of actual law enforcement officers to find out how some of the most complex cases have been pursued.
Feb 3rd

Larry McNabney Case

Larry McNabney, a wealthy California attorney, vanishes from a horse show. Interviews with friends and family yield multiple leads, ranging from financial trouble to a disgruntled former client. But just as it seems investigators are starting to pick up the trail, McNabney’s wife shockingly disappears. Are police dealing with a second kidnapping? Have the McNabneys simply fled their life? The shocking answers would lead to a cross country manhunt.
Feb 10th

Hoera Case

When a young mother fails to pick her son up from school, her family immediately knows something is wrong and calls police. Just as the search gets underway, her car is found abandoned and set on fire. Investigators quickly come up with multiple scenarios: the woman has been in an accident; she’s been kidnapped and someone burned the crime scene; she has run away from her life and set the fire herself. But then a new discovery in the area only adds to the confusion: a second car in flames.