About the show

On the show, the presenter rates murderers on a scale of evil that Michael Stone himself has developed. The show features profiles on various murderers, serial killers, mass murderers and psychopaths.


Upcoming episodes

Aug 19th

Stone Cold Killers

Stone cold killers attack without a momentõs hesitation. Maksim gelman stabbed random strangers throughout new york city. Henry lee lucas was a barbaric necrophiliac who claims to have killed hundreds. And joseph paul franklin killed at least 15 people in an attempt to start a race war.
Aug 26th

Sexual Deviants

Sexual deviants are aroused by the act of murder. Gerard shaefer was a trusted policeman who bound, raped and murdered his victims. Richard hooten was a serial rapist who went after his neighbors. And wayne adam ford raped, killed and mutilated at least four women for his own pleasure.
Sep 9th

Fantasy Killers

Fantasy killers are planners; they imagine every aspect of their crime in detail. Daniel conahan lured men into the woods to torture and mutilate them. Angela sanford killed as part of an elaborate satanic ritual. And harvey robinson stalked women, then raped and strangled them in their homes.