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On the show, the presenter rates murderers on a scale of evil that Michael Stone himself has developed. The show features profiles on various murderers, serial killers, mass murderers and psychopaths.


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Apr 29th

Sexual Deviants

Sexual deviants are aroused by the act of murder. Gerard shaefer was a trusted policeman who bound, raped and murdered his victims. Richard hooten was a serial rapist who went after his neighbors. And wayne adam ford raped, killed and mutilated at least four women for his own pleasure.
May 6th

Fantasy Killers

Fantasy killers are planners; they imagine every aspect of their crime in detail. Daniel conahan lured men into the woods to torture and mutilate them. Angela sanford killed as part of an elaborate satanic ritual. And harvey robinson stalked women, then raped and strangled them in their homes.
May 13th

Deceptive Killers

Deceptive killers walk among us wearing a mask of innocence. Everyone thought janitor kendall francois was a gentle gianté until police found the eight bodies heõd hidden. Doyle kelley was convicted of murdering his firstéand second wives. Darci pierce faked a pregnancy, then killed a woman for her unborn child.
May 20th

Egocentric Killers

Ego maniac killers think only of themselves, and thus commit egregious crimes without remorse. Truck driver robert rhoades raped and tortured hitchhikers in a specially designed chamber in the back of his cab. Paul devoe was a career criminal with rage towards his ex-girlfriends. David dowler poisoned his closest friends.
May 27th

Attention Seekers

The attention-seeking killer commits crimes for the spotlight it incurs. George russell boasted of his importance, ultimately killing the women whose attention he could never get. Eddie seda jumped on the coattails of the famed zodiac killer. Terry caylorña once-proven killer-- bragged of 26 other murders at his trial.
Jun 3rd


In the wild, a predator instinctively knows: Eat or be eaten. For predator killers, murder is just as natural. Jack spillman proved his bestiality by drinking his victimõs blood. Levi king ambushed a sleeping family with an ak-47. And rapist david penton preyed on victims as young as three.
Jun 10th

Rage Killers

Anything can set off a rage killer. Gerald stano craved the company of women but lashed out when he felt he was being mocked. When robert lopez found a girlfriend, he flipped a switch between obsessive love and blind rage. Benjamin atkins targeted vulnerable women on the streets of detroit.
Jun 17th


Three master manipulators. Each committed acts of unspeakable evilétaylor helzer orchestrated brutal murders in the name of god. Sylvia white killed anyone she felt was in her wayéincluding her four-year old stepson. And wayne henley preyed on the innocence of youth, luring young boys to their death.
Jun 24th

Control Killers

Control freaks seek to gain power through murder, but their motives and methods vary. Ronald gene simmons was a mass murderer who killed 16 people. Richard angelo was a nurse who poisoned patients to save them. Billie wayne coble was a domineering husband who killed his wifeõs family after she asked for a divorce.