Most Shocking

Most Shocking

About the show

A collection of real-life videos covering some the most shocking police chases, dangerous encounters and acts of criminal behavior. Shot from all perspectives, these videos are intense, thrilling and unbelievable. From bar fights that get out of hand to hostage standoffs with police and high-speed car chases, the danger of out-of-control situations is caught on tape. 


Upcoming episodes

May 25th

Dangerous Drivers 5

In this episode, a taxi-driver with a short temper threatens to turn the streets into a shooting gallery. And, a red light runner turns another driver’s commute upside down. Also, a woman asleep at the wheel swerves wildly through rush hour traffic, at times speeding over 70 miles per hour. Tv-14
May 26th

Robberies and Hold-Ups 3

In this episode, burglars raiding a home don’t realize that their every move is being captured on the homeowner’s web cam. And, two armed drug addicts go berserk on a frightened cashier. Plus, a gang of thieves drive through a store front and clean the place the out. Tv-14-v
May 26th

Bedlam & Brawls 3

In this episode, angry teachers on strike rise up against authorities and pelt riot police with rocks. And, an armed robber gets a beating from a one-armed clerk and his prosthetic hand. Then, police try to take a suspect’s fingerprints but he gives them his knuckles instead. Tv-14-v
May 26th

Mindless Mayhem

In this episode we meet some very dumb criminals including one fugitive being chased by police who runs out of gas and tries to push his truck to freedom. Also, a thief dips his fingers into a cash collection at a hospital chapel. Then, when a soft-spoken robber can’t scare a shop owner into giving up some dough, he begs for it. Tv-pg-l
May 26th

Civilian Justice

In this episode, a man hits his sister-in-law with the broad side of a machete, then gets broadsided by a village of vigilantes looking to give him a taste of his own medicine. And, a gas station attendant fights off a knife-wielding robber and nearly losses an eye in the struggle. Plus, a man with a rifle enters a pawn shop demanding the store’s purse, but only ends up with a good hit on the head and seven years in prison. Tv-14-v
May 28th

Deadly Force 2

In this episode, a knife-wielding woman threatens to kill her hostage, drawing swat into a volatile standoff. Then, a robber pulls a gun on an officer, sparking a point-blank shootout. Also, a ruthless gunman makes a run towards a crowded restaurant, forcing cops to take him down. Tv-14-v
May 28th

Lawless Ladies 3

In this episode, five angry ladies shake it up after a night of drinking, triggering a ponytail pulling, fist throwing free for all. Plus, a woman with a death wish takes aim at officers. And, an intoxicated school bus driver gets picked up by police after taking her students on a terrifying, liquored-up joy ride.
May 28th

Fights & Wild Riots 4

In this episode, anarchists clash with the kkk and riot police battle to keep the peace. Also, heated protestors try to hold back officers by creating a blazing firewall. Plus, vigilantes catch a thief red-handed and deliver their own justice with their fists. Tv-14-lv
May 28th

Drunk & Disorderly

In this episode, a group of friends stage a drunken demolition derby forcing cops to crash their party. Then, a motorist three sheets to the wind gets 50,000 volts to the pavement. Plus, a twenty-first birthday bash erupts into a street-wide brawl. Tv-14
May 30th

Chases & Crashes 2

In this episode, a crazed cat lover gets stopped by the cops and leads animal control to a grisly discovery. And, an officer laying down spike strips nearly becomes road kill. Plus, a bank robber runs from law and into the path of a speeding semi. Tv-14-v