Murder by the Book

Murder by the Book

About the show

America’s top mystery fiction writers recount their memories, speculations, and personal connections to the true-life mysteries and headline-making crimes that haunt their dreams at night. Using documentary footage, first-person accounts and the author's own insights, each one-hour episode sheds new light on a particularly intriguing crime. Alarming new facts with suspenseful storytelling build to shocking conclusions. 


Upcoming episodes

Aug 21st

Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner - 25-year-old Portland, ME resident Amy St. Laurent disappears. What follows is a vast, multi-jurisdictional effort, with unprecedented collaboration between law enforcement agencies. Over the course of their tireless efforts, investigators are led through multiple suspects, conflicting stories and cover-ups, and eventually, to a dangerous sexual predator who’s been hiding in plain sight.
Aug 28th

David Baldacci

David Balducci - On the morning of July 7, 1997, the day-shift manager of a Georgetown Starbucks Coffee Shop arrives and finds the bodies of employees Emory Evans, Aaron Goodrich and Caity Mahoney who had worked the night before. All three have been shot to death. Metro Detective James Trainum and FBI Special Agent Bradley Garrett team up and spend nearly two years tracking down one of D.C.’s most notorious and elusive career criminals: Carl Derek Cooper.
Sep 4th

Joseph Wambaugh

Joseph Wambaugh - A gunman in a black mask ambushes 70-year-old William Overson and shoots him to death in his vehicle outside of a golf course in San Diego on April 12, 2004. San Diego Police Department’s search for the gunman uncovers a vicious organize crime unit that planned to rob Overson of $60,000.
Sep 11th

Lisa Scottoline 2

Lisa Scottoline 2 – When Karyn Hearn Slover’s car is found abandoned near her Decatur, Illinois workplace, nobody expects the tragedy that is to follow. When her dismembered corpse is found in a nearby Lake, investigators must find a motive for murder. In a case with few leads, it is the hard work of forensic scientists from across the continent that catches the killers. That forensic evidence leads back to the family of Karyn’s ex-husband – vengeful, domineering grandparents who will stop at nothing to keep Karyn’s son for their own.