New Detectives

New Detectives

About the show

World-renowned forensics experts and criminal investigators solve murders and other crimes. New Detectives tells the stories of men and women using science to bring killers to justice - and comfort to their victims' families. The show features the rapidly growing evolution of forensic science as a method to solve the most puzzling crimes. 


Upcoming episodes

Jan 18th

Murder by Numbers

For serial killers, once is never enough. For investigators, the challenge is steep when the killers murder by numbers.
Jan 19th

A Federal Offense

When there’s a difficult case to crack – whether it involves drugs, arson, or weapons – the investigators and scientists of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms have the means to crack it.
Jan 19th

Flames of Justice

Arson fires are set for their own sake, or to cover a different crime, such as murder. Think fire consumes all vital clues? Think again. Arson investigators can glean important clues from scorched rubble and ignite the unquenchable flames of justice.
Jan 22nd

Soldier Stories

This show profiles the work of world-renowned forensic experts as they work to tell the stories of the young men who went to war (from the french and indian war to vietnam) and never came back.
Jan 23rd

Dead Men Do Talk

Profiles the work of world-renowned forensic experts and the procedures they use to solve murders and other mysteries in minutes or centuries after they happen.
Jan 24th

Deadly Chemistry

The show examines cases of poison and deadly chemistry and shows how forensic experts are solving mysterious deaths today and from the past.
Jan 25th

Mind Hunters

Psychological profiling: Journey into the dark recesses and calculated madness present only in our worst nightmares...And in the minds of serial killers. Renowned fbi profiler robert ressler can reveal unseen clues about a killer simply by learning details about the crime. From motives to habits, social traits to taste in cards, investigative profiling discloses a killer's hidden motives.
Jan 26th

Camera Clues

Forensic photography: Forensic photographers are among the first people at a crime scene, capturing vital clues on film. What do the cameras capture that can't be seen first-hand, and who are the men and women who analyze the camera's clues?
Jan 29th

Double Helix

Dna analysis: With the advent of dna analysis, just a few microscopic cells found at a crime scene can be used to put a murder behind bars. Forensic scientists can analyze droplets of blood, hair fiber, or a piece of chewed gum to determine the identity of a victim or killer or to prove innocence.
Jan 30th

Web of Clues

Forensic entomology: Bugs have roamed the earth for 250 million years, but their intimate association with death is just now coming to life. The kinds of insects on bodies, along with their stage of development, can pinpoint time of death and help identify victims.