New Detectives

New Detectives

About the show

World-renowned forensics experts and criminal investigators solve murders and other crimes. New Detectives tells the stories of men and women using science to bring killers to justice - and comfort to their victims' families. The show features the rapidly growing evolution of forensic science as a method to solve the most puzzling crimes. 


Upcoming episodes

May 25th

Elements of Murder

There are several things that can suggest murder; jealousy, anger, poison…when everyday substances reveal hidden clues that break a homicide case, those substances become the elements of murder.
May 29th

Grave Secrets

Killers often attempt to deflect attention away from their crimes by hiding the remains of their victims. Bodies may lay hidden for years before they are discovered. That’s when forensic scientists are called upon to reveal hidden clues that lead investigators to the killers.
May 30th

At Close Range

When a victim is gunned down at point-blank range, police often assume that a friend or acquaintance is to blame. After all, it is difficult for a stranger to commit an assault at such close range. Follow investigators as they use clues to track down the most unlikely of killers.
May 31st

Lethal Encounter

In most homicides, police rely on motive to pursue a murderer.But when the killer is a stranger…the crime may go unsolved for years.It takes a full arsenal of forensic techniques…to trace… a lethal encounter.
Jun 1st

Crimes of Passion

When killers are driven by jealousy and desire, their desperation is evident in both the crime and their efforts to avoid detection. But forensic science can reveal even the slightest mistake to solve crimes of passion.
Jun 4th

Absent Witness

When killers hide or destroy the remains of their victims, it becomes the mission of forensic scientists to reconstruct the scenes and prove murder for an absent witness.
Jun 5th

Marked for Death

Sometimes killers are careful to leave no fingerprints behind. But methods of the murder itself can leave a lasting impression on police, especially when the tools (or weapons) of a killer’s trade leave an innocent victim marked for death.
Jun 6th

Fatal Abduction

Anytime, anywhere, people disappear - kidnapped from their daily routines. Predators always leave clues behind, but chasing them takes time, hampering investigators’ attempts to solve these fatal abductions.
Jun 7th

Medical Examiner's Casebook

Some killers choose to hide their victims - and investigators must then rely on forensic examiners to uncover proof of murder – these are just two extraordinary crimes that have made their way into the medical examiner’s casebook.
Jun 8th

Trial by Fire

At a crime scene, anything left behind or seemingly out of place is considered a clue. But a fire can extinguish everything in its path –challenging forensic investigators at every turn and making each arson a trial by fire.