New Detectives

New Detectives

About the show

World-renowned forensics experts and criminal investigators solve murders and other crimes. New Detectives tells the stories of men and women using science to bring killers to justice - and comfort to their victims' families. The show features the rapidly growing evolution of forensic science as a method to solve the most puzzling crimes. 


Upcoming episodes

Mar 19th

Coroner’S Casebook

A good coroner provides what’s necessary to solve a crime. A bad one can spoil an otherwise rock-solid case. Cyril wecht and henry lee, two of the country’s most respected coroners, share their cases and insights into crime solving.
Mar 20th

Remnant of Blame

The solution to the most heinous crimes often hinge on the smallest of clues. Investigators must have their eyes trained to find the full story of a murder written in a single scrap of evidence.
Mar 21st

Partners in Crime

They say that a burden shared is a burden halved, but when partners team up to commit murder, the weight of their guilt remains just as heavy. Investigators must rely on forensic science to capture partners in crime.
Mar 22nd

Scattered Clues

There’s never a good reason for murder, but some killers are particularly brutal—choosing their prey at random or with no apparent motive and then cunningly covering their tracks. Even so, telltale clues remain. It’s up to forensic investigators to follow the trail of scattered clues to capture these deadly killers.
Mar 23rd

Natural Witness

The great outdoors may offer great clues to solving brutal murders. But it takes the keen eye of the forensic entomologist and botanist to decipher the clues nature provides.
Mar 26th

Tainted Trust

Poison is the subtlest form of death, and investigators must see through unusual circumstances to bring these murders to light.
Mar 27th

Presumed Dead

What does it take to prove murder if the victim cannot be found? Investigators must go to extreme lengths to catch the killer when the victim is presumed dead.
Mar 28th

Broken Vows

When lovers turn on each other, or marriages fail, some ruthless spouses find a grisly way to gain an uncontested divorce – with no paperwork. When murder tears lovers apart, forensic science must put piece together the mystery to catch the killer.
Mar 29th

Cold Cases

These cases took a decade or more to solve. There’s no statute of limitations on murder. As a case turns cold, the clues become scarce, investigators must rely on science to close cold cases.
Mar 30th

Family Plots

Every family has its secrets, and sometimes blood relations lead to bloodshed. When murder becomes a family affair, investigators must turn to forensics to uncover family plots.