About the show

Falling for the wrong guy can lead to a deadly thud. Told from the perspective of a star-crossed female lover, each story in "Poisoned Passions" follows a tumultuous romance that tests all the limits of love and devotion. The woman, in the throes of a passionate relationship, surrenders to her darkest impulses and finds herself in twisted and often lethal scenarios.


Upcoming episodes

Mar 14th

Vicki Morgan

When millionaire alfred bloomingdale lures aspiring teen model vick morgan into a sadomasochistic underworld, sheõs helpless to say no. But when alfred suddenly dies, vickiõs new habits lead to a dangerous relationship that will end in murder.
Mar 14th

Sara Aldrete

A chance meeting with tall, dark handsome cult leader adolfo constanzo leads 19-year-old sara aldrete into the world of black magic. But when the cult leader calls for a human sacrifice, sara must choose just how far she is willing to go for love.