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This show delves into the US judicial system from the viewpoint of the prosecutors who work the cases.


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May 1st

Fallen Friend

An evening of pick-up basketball in houston turns tragic when prosecutor gil epstein is murdered in a community center parking lot. Investigators depend on anonymous tips and hazy eyewitness accounts to track down a killer. District attorney chuck rosenthal leads a prosecution team whose chances for a conviction are put in jeopardy by a single holdout juror.
May 2nd

Deadly Medicine

When the death rate at a rural indiana hospital skyrockets, an investigation implicates a nurse, orville lynn majors. State police are left with a daunting task. In order to conclude that majors is a serial killer, police first have to first figure out if the deaths were murders and then determine how he killed the patients. A two-year, $1.6 million investigation ends with the arrest of majors on seven counts of murder. With the statistical evidence that spawned the investigation barred from court, prosecutors greg carter and nina alexander will have a difficult time convincing the jury of majors’ guilt, and putting an end to his deadly medicine.
May 3rd

Fathers Pain

When a mother and her infant daughter disappear from rural huntsville, texas, suspicion quickly falls on the woman’s husband. Lacking evidence, authorities cannot make an arrest. With the case growing cold, a teenager hundreds of miles away confesses to the murder of margaret and kori rae owings. Prosecutor david weeks builds a capital murder case around the confession, but defense attorneys argue that it was illegally obtained. It will take the united states supreme court to decide whether an admitted murderer will go free.