Psychic Detectives

Psychic Detectives

About the show

When investigators have exhausted every lead and turned over every stone... when detectives are out of time and out of luck... where do they turn?  Law enforcement has developed an arsenal of tools to help stalled investigations. But how often do they actually enlist the help of a psychic?  Psychic Detectives tells the true stories of real cases where psychics help detectives solve some of law enforcement’s most baffling cases. It’s the show that’s turning skeptics into believers.


Upcoming episodes

Mar 17th

Desert Rose

When a woman vanishes without a trace from a Tucson department store, police are baffled. With no evidence and unhelpful interviews, investigators are at a dead end and contact psychic Mary Ann Morgan. Could her vague visions of prison stripes and business papers crack the case and lead to the woman’s safe return?
Mar 18th

The Ring

A shocking crime rocks a peaceful Indiana neighborhood. A man has been murdered in what looks to be an attempted robbery gone wrong. But when police are unable to uncover any leads in the ransacked home, they must change gears and bring in psychic Phil Jordan. Will his visions of a green pickup truck and a shocking photo line up lead to an arrest?
Mar 18th

Lost in the Past

A Vermont high school teacher never shows up to teach her afternoon class. Is this a case of someone who just decided to take off, or a woman in danger? When days pass and police are no closer to narrowing in on any number of possibilities, they consult psychic Phil Jordan. Will his vision of two men representing the past and present solve a baffling missing persons case?
Mar 18th

Bitter Harvest

James Outten’s truck is discovered abandoned on a rural road. Has the prominent businessman gone missing on purpose, or has someone taken him against his will? When 48 hours pass with no sign of the missing man and no logical explanation for his disappearance, police bring in psychic Noreen Renier. Can her visions of two different weapons and a deal gone bad shed some light on this mystery?
Mar 20th

Lost In Transit

A bizarre disappearance in the unforgiving landscape of the Colorado Mountains spells danger for delivery driver Patricia McCormick. Police scour the 15 miles of treacherous mountain roads on her route, but find no sign of the woman. With no sign of an accident and no reason to suspect foul play, investigators are at a dead end. Can psychic Noreen Renier break the case with her vision of a ghostly, abandoned town?
Mar 21st

While You Were Sleeping

The affluent suburb of Indian Hills in North Little Rock is one of the safest areas in Arkansas. But not the day police find Ron Orsini dead in his bedroom, the victim of a fatal gunshot wound. Orsini’s wife and daughter are unharmed in the other bedroom, and with no sign of burglary, no forced entry and no obvious suspects, it looks like someone may get away with murder; unless psychic Carol Pate’s visions of money and a map can unravel the mystery.
Mar 22nd

Pushed Too Far

Nicole Arochas vanishes from a party without a trace. Leaving behind no clues and no leads, the case quickly hits a dead end. With nothing to lose, Nicole’s family and friends seek guidance from an unusual source – psychic Frank St. James. Police are skeptical, but when St. James starts actually naming names of people that Nicole was with that evening, everyone is sold. Can St. James’ visions bring Arochas home?
Mar 23rd

Bad Business

Lawrence Mbroh is about to get married when he disappears without a trace. The investigation hits dead end after dead end before finally getting a break. Mbroh’s car is found abandoned and police hope it may hold a clue. But it’s clean; maybe too clean. Has this groom to be gotten cold feet and taken off? Or is he in real trouble? Psychic Sally Headding will try to see what no one else can
Mar 24th

Secrets in the Forest

A young man disappears into the woods after a fight with his wife. At first his family believes he just went for a walk to blow off steam, but when empty pill bottles are found outside concern grows and the police are called. Are they dealing with a suicide attempt? Psychic Kelli Faulkner doesn’t think so. Can a psychic find a man she’s never met from hundreds of miles away?
Mar 25th

The Hunted

When James Phillip Brooks vanishes on a remote ranch, local police know finding one cowboy on over 30,000 acres of unforgiving terrain won’t be easy, so they call in Indian trackers to follow Brooks’ trail. The search and recovery quickly becomes a homicide investigation when Brooks is found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. But with no witnesses, no clues and no motive, they turn to psychic Laurie McQuarry for help. Does her vision of a high powered rifle mean someone was lying in wait for this genial cowboy?