Psychic Investigators

Psychic Investigators

About the show

True life crime events get a paranormal treatment in this documentary series about detectives and psychics working together in the field. Presenting two vastly different perspectives, both the logical and the mysterious worlds are represented in an attempt to solve actual crime events shrouded in ambiguity.


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Jan 21st

Darryl Cozart

Family man darryl cozart disappears one night after work. His wife is frantic she knows something is wrong. The police believe it’s a missing persons case. Local shopkeeper and psychic, mary ellen rodrigues is visited my darryl’s spirit and describes his death to a police officer who comes into her shop. She tells him darryl is dead, he’s been shot, there’s something around his neck and his body will be found in a marshy area. Darryl’s spirit becomes mary ellen’s constant companion and the driving force behind her own search for darryl’s body. Mary ellen also reports that darryl’s spirit has been repeating the word “fickle”. The case breaks open when darryl’s van is found with blood inside. Later, a trucker reports seeing a body not far from the road. It’s darryl and he’s exactly as mary ellen described him. The new evidence leads the police to the killer; the husband of one of darryl’s work colleagues, a jealous man who violently murdered darryl because he believed the two were having an affair. Frank fickle is found guilty and locked up for life.
Jan 21st

Baton Rouge

A serial killer is loose in baton rouge, police believe they’ re looking for a youngish white man driving a white pick up truck. Forensic consultant ann williams contacts psychic jeanne borgen for help. After a series of visions, jeanne describes the killer as a light complected african american, with a round face and a goatee. Ann thinks jeanne has it wrong. Until she learns that one of the victim’s neighbours had reported an african american man lurking in the bushes days before the murder. The neighbour’s description matches jeanne’s. Meanwhile, the serial killer strikes again. Authorities get the break they need when a peeping tom is reported in a nearby town. Local police believe it’s the same man responsible for the deaths of two teenagers, derek todd lee. The suspect matches jeanne’s description perfectly. Before police can arrest him, lee flees. He’s soon apprehended and found guilty of the murder of seven women.
Jan 21st

Jacqueline Poole

Twenty-five year old jacqueline poole is assaulted and strangled in her home. The police find her body 48 hours later and launch their investigation. Meanwhile, local psychic, christine holohan, believes jacquie’s spirit is contacting her with crucial clues. Christine tells jacquie she needs solid evidence to go to the police. Jacquie’s spirit returns and imparts her murder with the psychic. Christine contacts the police, one of the police officers who was first dispatched to the murder scene, interrogates christine. He’s shocked by the accuracy of her visions. Christine puts herself into a trance and describes the killer and later writes a name down – it’s a local thug’s nickname. Even with the information provided by the psychic and the evidence gathered by the detectives, there’s not enough for a conviction. The case is closed. Fifteen years later, the case is reopened thanks to new dna technology that identifies the killer. The local thug christine named years ago is finally brought to justice.
Jan 21st

Mark Green

Mark green disappears one night without a trace. Police are stumped. There is no evidence. Diane lazarus, a psychic in a nearby town, is holding a reading. The session is interrupted by a vision of a young man. One of the participants quickly realizes it’s her missing nephew mark. Diane shares what mark tells her: He was attacked, hit on the back of the head, dismembered, and buried under water. Diane also says a television show will lead to the crime’s resolution. Detective marcella daly meanwhile is searching for clues but finds nothing. When she hears about diane’s visions, the two women meet and attempt to uncover evidence that could lead to the killer. When mark’s parents are approached to appear on a television program, they accept – recalling diane’s prediction. Following the broadcast, the case blows open, a man confesses to helping his brother dispose of mark’s dismembered body. The brothers are arrested and put away for mark’s murder.
Jan 23rd

Jason Williams

Jason williams goes out to meet friends for a night of drinking. He never returns. His family is frantic, it’s uncharacteristic of him to be out of touch. Worried, the williams family consults with psychic sue evans, and she confirms their worst fears, jason is dead. As police continue their investigation, evans uses her psychic insight to uncover disturbing clues and describes his final, violent moments. When a friend of the killer eventually comes forward to confess his involvement, evan’s visions turn out to be uncannily accurate. The killer is eventually convicted, but mystery remains, where is jason’s body?
Jan 24th

Amie Hoffman

Teenager amie hoffman disappears after work one night. Police are on the case but when a family friend calls psychic nancy weber, she sees amies murder in a bizarre vision. Police are stumped. With few leads, police contact weber and are amazed when she accurately describes the crime and offers crucial clues. the murderer is local, his last name begins with the letter k. Sadly, within days another young woman is murdered. Working together, the police and weber team up to hunt for the killer. Then weber uses her amazing psychic powers to stop the killer in his tracks.
Jan 25th

Margie Calciano

Detective robert wanner consults psychic lauren thibodeau to help with a case that has left him stumped. Surprisingly she instead offers clues on a cold case that’s been worrying wanner for years. Thibodeaus visions offer obscure clues. She sees a map with a bead of light traveling along a highway from new york to chicago, a truck driver and the brooklyn bridge. Using old-fashioned police work, wanner deciphers the clues one by one which lead him to a killer several states away.
Jan 26th

Rachel Domas

Can a veteran psychic and a rookie cop crack a case of a missing fourteen-year-old girl? Rachel domas misses her school bus and walks the 3 miles home. She’s never seen again. Psychic nancy weber becomes involved when someone close to the domas family contacts her. Immediately the visions appear: The pungent smell of cars and oil, the crunching of leaves underfoot in the woods, the name michael and then rachel’s terrifying plight. Meanwhile, rookie cop gary micco and colleague george deuchar have quickly chased down leads and now have a suspect named michael in custody. The detectives are forced to release their suspect because the lack of evidence of a crime. They know setting free their suspect is wrong but their hands are tied. Weber and micco connect via a mutual acquaintance and weber shares what she knows with the detective. Micco is shocked by the accuracy of weber’s visions. When rachel’s body is found buried in the woods, just as weber described, the cops race back to apprehend michael, but he’s disappeared. Micco returns to see weber and she assures him the killer will soon be captured – he’s in the woods, in an agitated state and located near two huge oil drums. Moments later, an officer radios in to announce the killer has been captured. When micco gets to the scene, it’s exactly as weber had described it. The seasoned psychic and the green cop have cracked the case in record time.
Jan 27th

Alexis Burke

The police receive a call from john burke, his twenty-one year old wife alexis has been missing for three days. She took off in the family car after a fight and hasnt been seen since. Detective robert lee wasnt certain what kind of a case he was investigating – a missing person or a murder. Soon alexis car is discovered but no leads are revealed. Frustrated by the progress of the investigation, alexis mother consults local psychic laurie mcquary. Detective lees case runs cold and he decides to meet laurie himself. The psychic shares her visions – john strangled alexis, many people know what happened but arent talking, water is important, theres an older large car involved and johns younger brother kelly is somehow implicated. Intrigued, detective lee investigates the clues from the visions. It takes a year but eventually kelly confesses and all of lauries predictions were accurate. John had strangled alexis, she was buried close to a riverlet of water, kelly helped his brother dispose of the body, they used their fathers large car to transport the body and many friends were aware of the circumstances of alexis death. A murder case is closed but a new life for detective lee and laurie begins, the couple later marries.
Jan 28th

Penney Serra

Twenty-one year old penney serra was brutally murdered in a parking garage. The police thought it was an open and shut case – witnesses had seen a suspect flee, blood and fingerprints were also discovered. Catching the killer, however, was more difficult than imagined. As the leads grew cold, detective george mazzacane decided to consult psychic and time walker mary pascarella downey. Mary put her visions to paper and came up with the following clues: The colour blue, the smell of garage oil, water and she stated that “blood would tell”. Mary also said it would take a very long time to apprehend penney’s killer. The visions didn’t lead to more conclusive clues. A visit to the crime site generated more information about the killer, mary saw a uniform with a name tag and she made out the letter “e”, she saw greasy hands being wiped on a dirty cloth, a slim frame and a head injury. During this visit, mary developed a terrible headache. However, even these visions didn’t provide enough hard evidence to catch the killer. Twenty-six years later, a fingerprint database identified edward r. Grant as a suspect, a blood test confirmed he was penney’s killer. Mary’s visions were right on – blood would tell. The day of penney’s murder, grant was nearby receiving treatment for a head injury, he lived in a town called waterbury and he worked in a garage.