Southern Justice

About the show

Follow police as they uphold the law in the backwoods of the southern states. An insight at the work of law enforcement agencies in Sullivan County, TN and Ashe County, NC.


Upcoming episodes

Jan 21st

Mountain Manhunt

Sullivan County, Tenn. deputies and detectives conduct a non-stop manhunt after a man in his twenties is accused of raping a woman in her seventies. Accused of other crimes, including kidnapping and burglary, the man is finally caught in a forest, but appears to be unconscious. In Ashe County, NC, a depressed economy and lack of jobs has only added to the problem of alcoholism. When a fight breaks out in a bar, Deputy Josh ÒHoppyÓ Hopkins finds himself caught in the middle, trying to figure out who threw the first punch and why.
Jan 27th

Kentucky Wild

It's the first of the month in Clay County, Kentucky. Sheriff Kevin Johnson and his deputies are anticipating a very busy weekend. Before the officers have a chance to warm up their squad cars they get a call about an interesting domestic disturbance that leads to a foot chase. Then, while serving a warrant for 1st degree assault, the guys get a tip pointing them to some meth cookers. After a series of arrests, some potentially stolen ATVÕs, another foot chase and some solid police work the team zeroes in on the cookers who are operating a meth lab in the country. The Sheriff and his deputies will have to utilize all their skills and training to bring these bad guys in.
Feb 3rd

Blue Ridge Bloodshed

Sullivan County, Tenn., known as the birthplace of country music, and Ashe County, NC are two counties located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia.Ê With a combined population of fewer than 200,000, both small counties have their local charm, but also their share of hardships. Methamphetamine and prescription drug addiction account for a large portion of local crime. In order to keep the peace, local law enforcement takes a Òtough loveÓ approach to their work. In the premiere episode, their officers talk a suicidal man out of harming himself, stake out a man facing two attempted murder charges and follow up on a charge of domestic abuse that left a woman hospitalized after she was badly beaten.Ê
Feb 10th

Bath Salts & Battery

Sullivan County, Tennessee is being terrorized by the designer drug known as Òbath salts.Ó The drug has a laundry list of side effects, most notably paranoia and extreme aggression, making users unpredictable and dangerous. Sheriff Deputies and detectives are on the hunt for a man who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and father under the influence of the drugs, and his erratic behavior makes for a difficult arrest. Later, itÕs winter in beautiful Ashe County, North Carolina, which means most large vacation homes are empty and robberies are rampant. The abuse of alcohol in the town creates for even more tumultuous predicaments. Deputies rescue a woman who has allegedly been beaten by her alcoholic boyfriend and agrees to appear in court to seal his legal fate.