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Aug 19th

Ordained to Kill

When 20-year-old Thayne Ormsby moves in with 63-year-old Vietnam veteran Bob Strout, it seems heÕs found the father figure heÕs been lacking. HeÕs enthralled with BobÕs war stories, but his desire to be like him could lead him down a dark path.
Aug 24th

Supermarket Slaughter

Arunya Rouch runs the seafood department at one of FloridaÕs busiest supermarkets. But after being bullied by a fellow worker for months, Arunya seeks revenge. Her violent act is captured on 30 surveillance cameras and leaves her loved ones stunned.
Aug 26th

Love Lies Bleeding

Linda Dolloff believes she has it all. SheÕs married to handsome and wealthy Jeffrey Dolloff and runs a Yoga and art studio out of their lovely home. But when Jeff gives her some bad news, everything in LindaÕs well-manicured life suddenly unravels.
Aug 31st

Deadly Demons

Walter Smith is a Marine Corps soldier just back from Iraq. Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Walter finds comfort in the arms of young artist Nicole Speirs. But in the darkest recesses of the mind, their cruel fate is already decided.
Sep 7th

A Beautiful Mind

They call him a genius. But when brilliant young mathematician Chris Krumm gets some shocking news, he starts to spiral out of control. Writing a bizarre note about eugenics and ChinaÕs leaders, Chris devises a plan--a final solution to his troubles.
Sep 9th

Day of Reckoning

When Gary Plauche, a beloved father and little league coach discovers a dark, sinister secret, the devoted family man is driven to commit a brazen cold-blooded murder.