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Jun 5th

Orange County, CA

Home to Disneyland and John Wayne Airport, Orange County, California is a bedrock of America-pie, conservative values. But in 1985, it got caught up in a story so wild that even Hollywood wouldn't touch it! It all began when computer whiz David Brown started living with his 17-year-old wife, her younger sister, and his 14-year-old daughter by another marriage--and it ended in a sordid tale of sex, drugs, and murder.
Jun 8th

Emporia, KS: Thou Shalt Not Kill

A church-going town is shocked when a popular minister is caught up in a scandal involving sex, betrayal, and double murder.
Jun 9th

Somerset, KY: A Killer Campaign

Somerset, Kentucky may be suburban on the surface, but when a modern-day bootlegger turns a political shindig into a shooting gallery, there's no doubt that this Kentucky town is still hillbilly at heart.
Jun 10th

Sunny Days, Deadly Nights On Mercer Island

A woman's naked body is found outside a Seattle nightclub, posed demurely with a pine cone in her hand.
Jun 11th

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is one of Los Angeles' last funky beach towns - a place where hip, young, rich and beautiful come together. But, this La-la-land has a dark side. We investigate the murder of Linda Sobeck, a swimsuit model who was murdered by a killer who lurked behind his camera.
Jun 12th

Gibsonton: The Last Side Show

A look at the murder of a deformed man called "Lobster Boy" in Gibsonton, Florida, a town exclusively populated by circus giants, dwarves and bearded ladies. The trial of Lobster Boy's wife and stepson brough unwanted national attention to Gibsonton, off-season home to many circus and carnival acts, and changed it forever.
Jun 15th


A probe into the mysterious death of artist Ana Mendiata, who plunged from her 34th-floor apartment in New York City in 1985. Did Ana jump to her death, or did her husband, famed sculptor Carl Andre, push her?
Jun 16th

Newberry: Small Town Justice

A peaceful South Carolina town is shocked when the death of a woman turns into a sordid murder case involving her drug-dealing husband, a strip-club bouncer, a prominent politician, a Catholic bishop, and key witnesses from all walks of Southern society.
Jun 17th

Wilimington: Dangerous Affairs

Story of Thomas Capano, the powerful former Delaware prosecutor who was sentenced to death for the murder of his ex-lover, Ann Marie Fahey, a member of the governor's staff. Wilmington is still reeling from the grisly tale - Capano killed Fahey, chained her body to anchors, and dumped it into the sea.
Jun 18th

Fairbanks: Mining For Murder

Who killed popular Alaskan Joe Vogler? Was it the federal government that he constantly fought? Was it someone after his valuable gold claims? Or was it his best friend? This account of one of Alaska's most infamous crimes takes you into the rowdy bars, forbidding wilderness, and modern skyscrapers of Fairbanks.