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Jan 28th

Blunt Force Killer

In a quiet Indianapolis suburb, two men are found fatally beaten in their bedrooms. Detective Bobby Flack is called to the scene and quickly learns that the victims had been harassed for being gay. Were these murders a hate crime? Could the killer be a neighbor living in this picturesque suburb? Or, is he a master manipulator leading the detectives on a wild goose hunt in order to conceal his true identity? The search for the truth takes Flack on a journey into the mind of a twisted killer and culminates in a dramatic nationwide manhunt for the suspectÕs arrest.
Jan 28th


Hours into her first shift, Investigator Cathy Lucci meets partner Dave Salvatore at the scene of her first homicide case. A 49-year-old male has been brutally stabbed and left to die with a blanket covering him. Investigators question anyone who knew the victim. There are a few suspects and many questions. But who was angry enough to stab a man 46 times and concerned enough to cover him with a blanket? With no clear answers, LucciÕs first case is a complicated puzzle. Can she and Salvatore put the pieces together?
Jan 28th

Shooting Party, The

At an apartment complex in the Northeast side of Indianapolis, two young men are found dead, and high caliber rifle casings litter the street. When Detectives Tom Lehn and Jeff Wager arrive on scene they find out the two victims were actually brothers, and one of them had been receiving threats from his ex-girlfriend. Could a woman have wielded the high caliber firearm used at this scene? Through an investigation full of twists and turns, Lehn and Wager learn several people could have fired the killing shots, and they have to find out for sure who was responsible.