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Oct 24th

Two of A Kind

In Redmond, Washington, a Jamie Sherer vanishes suddenly. Police can find no trace of her, and the two men in her life- though suspicious- offer little help. The case goes cold for ten years, until another look at it yields new clues. Frustrated by the lack of material evidence, investigators struggle to build a case to put her killer behind bars, and bring closure to JamieÕs family, who have kept hope alive.
Oct 24th

A Jealous Rage

Roswell, Georgia is a quiet suburb removed from the fast pace of neighboring Atlanta. Quiet, that is, until wealthy businessman Lance Herndon is found bludgeoned to death in his bedroom. Though there are no signs that point to robbery, a missing laptop may be the key to finding his killer. To find it, police must unravel the victimÕs complicated personal life, and determine which of those close to him might hold a dark secret.