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Apr 11th

Bosco the Clown

Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth and family are returning for season three of A&E's hit real-life series, Dog the Bounty Hunter. This season we can expect more riveting episodes featuring the life of the Chapmans at home and on the road, chasing people on the run.
Apr 11th

Brother's Keeper

Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth and family are returning for season three of A&E's hit real-life series, Dog the Bounty Hunter. This season we can expect more riveting episodes featuring the life of the Chapmans at home and on the road, chasing people on the run.
Apr 11th

Mama's Boys

Colorado bondsman Bobby Brown's got trouble and his name is Jackson. Weighing in at over 240lbs and standing six foot tall this bad boy has skipped out on a $10,000 bond. He also has four previous felony arrests to his name, and Bobby needs some help in reeling this big fish in. Dog, who can never say no to a friend in need, agrees to come to the rescue and the hunt is on! Dog kick starts the search and soon the team has both a hot address, and a warning. Jackson's apparently holed-up at his father-in-law's house. Once the crew is in place Dog pounds on the front door. After a long wait the father-in-law appears with a piece of surprising information. Not only is Jackson not at the house but he has found one of the most unique hideouts Dog has encountered in all his years of bounty hunting!
Apr 11th

Lost in Paradise

With twelve kids of his own Dog knows how hard it is to keep children on the straight and narrow, especially during their turbulent teens. So when his housekeeper Darlene tells Dog that her fifteen year-old granddaughter Shaiann has vanished, the team jumps into action. The case is at first puzzling because Shaiaan is a straight-A student with no history of trouble, but apparently there's a boy involved. Because the search involves a young woman who is not a fugitive Duane feels a feminine touch is needed and puts Beth in charge. As a teen she gave her parents more then their share of stress by disappearing for days on end, and as a bondsman she knows all of the perils that the streets hold for young girls. So with extra passion, the team hits the streets to gather as many leads as possible.
Apr 11th

Coaching Day

Dog loves good causes and kids, so today he begins the day by giving encouragement to a group of children struggling with debilitating physical conditions. After a tour of the office and making them honorary members of the posse, Dog and the crew turn their attention to a fugitive who has forgotten about how important kids are. His target for the day is a man who has abandoned to his wife and children for the pleasures of an ice pipe and the arms of another woman. When the hunt for Jacob takes leads him to a meeting with fugitive's family Dog asks his children a simple question. If he could grant them one wish what would that be? Their answer is heartbreaking, to have Dog bring their father back home. Dog is touched by the children's request but will he be able to succeed?
Apr 11th

Women of Waikiki , The

Michael is out on bail for drug sales, theft, and violation of parole. Dog's after him for failing to appear in court and his only lead is Jen, his co-signer and girlfriend. When they hit her house she's nowhere to be found but her brother informs them he's worried because Michael has a history of abusing women and fears for his sister's safety. This news puts Dog on a mission to save Jen. Surprisingly the biggest hurdle to bring Michael in is convincing Jen to help the team! Working with Beth, Dog tries a clever variation of 'good cop, bad cop' to win her over. Will the team succeed, or will the mysterious power Michael seems to hold over Jen keep her from doing the right thing?
Apr 11th

To Capture One's Own

Today, Dog and the boys are going after a fugitive with a serious price tag. Tim Rippe failed to appear in court on a $25,000 bond and has a string of theft charges behind him. When the team hits Rippe's apartment, they find a boot print on the door - a souvenir of a police raid from only days earlier. Rippe managed to evade the cops, but Dog is determined to put this fugitive behind bars. To get the job done, he'll find himself on an unusual journey before a unexpected tip leads to a surprising finish.
Apr 11th

Big Bags and Boxers

A Hawaiian surfing hero is on a wave to nowhere and it's Dog's turn to play lifeguard. 'Buttons,' known throughout the islands for his prowess on the waves and his daring 360's, has wiped-out on the rocky shoals of drug addiction. This troubled legend has been losing his struggle with the "Big H" and Dog's search to find him is a voyage through the murky waters of homelessness and despair.
Apr 11th

Cats and Dogs

Kristine Lau had a string of gambling and forgery charges before she jumped bail leaving Dog "holding the bag" - in this case a $20,000 bond. Now it's time for Dog to call in some chits of his own, getting the help of trusty informants he's helped out over the years. Their tips will send him and the team on a multi-day tour though the low-rent hotels and illicit gaming houses of the Hawaii few tourists ever see. As the hunt stretches out, Dog amps up the pressure putting the squeeze on the very gaming rooms Lau frequents. But when the hand plays to a close, Dog is in for a surprise of when he discovers that he and Lau share a common past.
Apr 11th

Destiny Love

Dog told him not to go, but Charles went anyway, skipping to Oregon against the terms of his bail. Now Dog has a tip that Charles plans to slip back into Honolulu. With $30,000 on the line Dog knows he can leave little to chance. He needs someone Charles won't recognize to track him inside the airport when his plane lands. The team decides that Baby Lyssa is it, so with a little help from Beth and a sexy brunette wig, the team is soon barreling towards the airport with the brand new weapon: a petit brunette in sunglasses who even Dog doesn't quite recognize.